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Thread: The Christmas Season

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    Default The Christmas Season

    How many of you celebrate Christmas?
    And as for the season how many of you enjoy it? I know a lot of people who really dislike it because of the things it reminds them of.
    How about you folk?

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    Looks like I'm a first responder, and it's 6:40 in the morning here in rainy Virginia. Well as most of you know, I love Christmas. It brings back mostly good memories. I think it's the season that I enjoy; the music, the lights and ornaments, and remembering it as a kid. One of the things we did when I was little, was go to my aunts who lived on the beach. We'd take turns as to who had Christmas dinner, but when we'd drive home, I was usually tired and would lay down on the back seat of the car. In New Jersey back then, they would string the streets with the big Christmas lights. I would lay back there and watch all the lights go by as the car made its way home.

    Because I'm a musician, and a church musician, I particularly enjoy the great music that has been written down the centuries, and I get to play a lot of it in church. I even have two Manheim Steamroller books with all their transcriptions which I play from, and crank out similar sounds on my keyboard.

    I now also enjoy my family coming home for the holidays. We'll gather around the dinner table and have fun. We also still open gifts together. I have a wood stove in the family room, and if it's cold, I'll have a fire going. It's just a nice time for me.

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    I kind of like Christmas. It's an interesting relationship I have with it. I never really had the good times associated with it that I should. I'm looking forward to when Christmas can be spent in the arms of a loved one.

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    I love christmas now, but I used to hate it though for some odd reason.

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    I love Christmas. Always have, and I probably always will. I dunno... I just have too many fond memories of being a wee child and getting stuff. Now that I'm older I guess it's my turn to give stuff >_>

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    I can't say that I love it becuase I don't really love anything, but I do enjoy all the things that come with the Christmas season. The food, the family, and the best part of them all the presents!

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    Ok I have to go with I hate Christmas. Though here me out, it is not Christmas itself that I do not like, the meaning behind and the feelings it should bring are wonderful and something I am always trying to achieve, though it is all a charade. In this day and age the truth is the holiday time is nothing more then a time of consumerism and bad attitudes sprinkled with the few people that do something good for others.
    I have always thought that one should help out people year round, though this seems to be the only time that help is ever given. I do see people going and working at food banks, this dose make me think that there is hope left in the world. This is so far overshadowed by people that are moody and irritated. We see the worst of people when holidays are approaching. People do not care whom they step on to get what they want, and help those that are in their lives.

    Over all I love the idea of spending the holidays with you family, though even this is a myth. In a time when 1 out of 2 couples are divorced the new tradition is spend 2 hours at every families house and drive more in one weekend then you have in the past month, Bad tempers flair and all you want if for Jan first to come that much sooner.

    For those of you that do not have to deal with this yet, enjoy every you can. My whole life has been like this, my parents are still together though my father’s parents are divorced and remarried many times. So not including DF's Families (I am not opening that can of worms) I have 5 families to go and see, this dose not even count friends, work, or even one night/morning together for DF and myself. PS that last has yet to ever happen in the 7 years we have been together. And never will because most people will not give up on the idea that they are the family that is most important so myth have the gathering Christmas morning.

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    I don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s not that I didn’t but it is always so stressful and false. A family of hypocrites gets together and pretend they love each other for one day a year. Last time we got together for the holiday was about fifteen years ago. I brought up my mom in a rage tossing the tree out the front door lights, ornaments and all when I was four. She denied it ever happened but my father and sister backed me up. Mom said, “I didn’t think anyone would remember”. There was something like that at every holiday growing up so they just bring feelings of dread.

    I did eight Christmases with my Ex and her son and they were pretty good but alone the last three years I chose to ignore the holidays. I will call my parents and Ex but would prefer not to if I could get away with it.


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    I think Christmas is alright buying the gifts has been for me the hardest part. This year maybe a good one as I am with my friends that have invited me.

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    Despite what I voted (I hate Christmas) I love Christmas day.
    The thing I hate though is almost the entire month of December.
    There is tons of snow to shovel, lights to put up, tress to buy, haul inside, decorate (we have two trees by the way), cookies and candy to make, etc.

    I hate the entire preparation process for Christmas. It just doesn't seem worth the one day for me.

    But I'll still do it. My family loves Christmas, so it's the very least I can do.

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