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Thread: cipro did not work doctor sending me to urologist

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    Default cipro did not work doctor sending me to urologist

    I posted before under leaking and having wet underwear.

    My GP put me on cipro as it seemed like i had an inflamed prostate. The cipro did not work. I am still leaking and now do not feel safe to not have on a diaper at all times. The doctor is sending me to a urologist.

    Now I have developed something else and am not sure if it is from wearing the diapers. I have this pain in the lover right side of my groin. When wearing diapers I tuck my penis down between my legs (I found not doing this the wetness seems to go up where the padding is thin). In tucking and wearing the diaper it also seems like my testicles get pushed up and even sometimes will go up inside (inguinal canal). The pain could be from me having gone camping this weekend and loaded and unloaded a trailer for the camping event or could it? In looking on the net they mentioned that pain in the inguinal canal area could also be due to a testical torson (twisting of cord). The strotum area and testical itself are not sore at all. The pain seems to sometimes hit sharply and yet most of the time there is no pain at all.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?

    I am really a bit nervious about going to the urologist and not sure why. I had not problem in talking to my GP about the leaking. She said that with the heart meds that I am on that most of the drugs for incontince would not be a great idea. I told her that I know I am stable on my meds and do not want to mess with that at all and if I have to wear protection I had rather do that then mess with my other meds for my heart. Any comments?

    I did research on the net and they mentioned one drug Avodart that can help incontince - yes it has side effect to but not ones that relate to my meds - and I can live with those side effects. Any comments?

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    I'm kind of like you. I won't go to a urologist basically for the reason's your talking about your meds that your taking for your heart. I'm also taking meds for my heart
    but for me it's the vision problems which are more important to me. I'm blind in my left eye and taking eye drops for the rest of my life to treat my glaucoma.
    About the pains your talking in your groin area I haven't experienced any there. My penis is small and I just point it straight down and it kind of nestles itself
    between my testicles and don't cause me any problems. I've been wearing 24/7 now for over a year and a half and haven't experienced any pain. I do wear
    premium disposables during the day and cloth AIO's for overnight which seem to give me ample room in the groin area. There not so tight that they seem
    not to put any excess pressure on my parts.

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    I can't comment on much about the medicine but my GP has me on a BP medicine that's a diuretic, and from what I understand many of those pills lower blood pressure by flushing out excess fluids and salt. As far as the pain, it can be from any sort of activity outside your usual movements. My machine has a certain part of the seat where it puts more pressure on that area when I maneuver certain ways. I've gotten that kind of pain there from rolling over in bed a certain way. If you've just had a busy few days that's probably to account for it but obviously if it doesn't decrease and there's any severe swelling or discoloration then yeah, but a couple of days of hot baths and ibuprofen might be all it takes.

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    I had similar pain a long time ago, was more the testicle itself then the groin area, but was totally debilitating, turned out to be an infection in the epididymus itself, the fine tubing on the outside of the actual testicle. Either way, many guys have it, some after vasectomies, some not for any general reason, may be worth asking him about if that is something like what you are experiencing. As for "tucking" I could never to it, it is just too compacting and totally uncomfortable for me, so when I wear a disposable, I make sure I put it on with a bit more towards the front then the back, and don't wear anything too tight, it is not good for your jingly bits!

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    I' a bit late to the thread, but I'd make sure you check out the idea of CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome), or even just prostatitis(chronic, bacterial, or non-bacterial). Depending on the person, this can create the pain you described in the original post, as well as the leaking, and many other problems.
    For me, I apparently unconsciously clench my pelvic floor muscles and triggered some related problems. The doctor thought it was just painful, but it caused some urine leakage and a few other complications too. Try seeing if wearing might actually cause you to clench (several DL's I've known have a tendency to get 'overexcited' in diapers after a few days if they don't watch themselves) and cause extra pain.

    Obviously, this isn't a guarantee, but look into it! It can take a long time for most urologists to even consider CPPS, and yet it's responsible for almost 90% of all prostatitis diagnoses! Best of luck, bud.

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    I'll add in my two cents and tell you I have pelvic pain almost every day similar to what you describe. I've had it on both sides of my groin and in the perineal region. I've also taken Cipro and, more recently, Levaquin for chronic bacterial prostatitis. However, both those medications (in the same class of antibiotics) have caused Preventricular Contractions (PVC's) in my heart so I've stopped taking them. I was just talking to my Urologist's Medical Asst today about using an injectible antibiotic to cure the prostatitis. I should also add that I have a severely overactive bladder that has never responded to traditional meds. Oh yeah, add in IBS. And, to top it all off, I now have tremors that are probably just essential tremors (my father has them too), but disconcerting nonetheless.

    Getting back to your problem, it really sounds like you need the doctor to differentiate between bacterial or non-bacterial prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain symdrome. All of them can cause a dull pain in the pelvic region.

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