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Thread: Why even make rules if they are not meant to be followed?

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    Default Why even make rules if they are not meant to be followed?

    I could never understand how people can make rules and not make anyone follow them. I mean people are allowed to do that stuff that are against the rules because they don't enforce it. Like with speed limits, why make speed limits if they are going to let everyone go fast and pull the ones over that do actually go the speed? I always think why not just raise the speed up to the speed everyone goes but wait, would that mean people will go even faster?

    This is something I never understood, even as a child.

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    Rules are just more of a moral guideline with consequences if broken. Remember, it's only words on paper with a fancy title, and it takes manipulation of authority figures to enforce them. It is also in human beings innate nature to defy authority as well.

    Yeah, it's a real catch 22 alright.

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    It's also a way to voluntarily enforce rules. Is the state going to prosecute everyone who, for example, has smoked weed? No, they don't have the time, people, or money to do that. But it can be a decent way to get a drug dealer off the street if they have no other evidence.

    As for as your speed limit example, if someone is pulled over for going 150 kph, well, there's legal resources to turn to. Furthermore, at least this keeps people vigilant. If you know you could be pulled over, you probably won't floor it. I know I personally coast through virtually every stop sign in existence, but I come close to a complete stop, which is far far safer than not slowing down at all. In this sense you can actually break rules to a degree, but still be interested in obeying them ... to a degree. If that makes sense.

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    Well, just because something is a rule, doesn't mean it is 'right'. Then you get into the discussion of what is 'right' and 'wrong'. Or, my personal favorite, are those concepts even a real thing?

    Rules are not meant to be broken however. Perhaps I've been blindly indoctrinated by my years in boy scouts, but I try to the best of my ability to follow the law. Am I a saint? By no means. I do many things that people would deem deplorable or unsafe. However the law is set in place for general safety and order. Now granted, some laws are deviously created by policy makers for personal interest. I won't argue the terrible situation of politics in the U.S. government. But civil disobedience should be observed in only extreme oppressive circumstances. I'm not saying that breaking a few small rules here and there should be equated to civil disobedience, but it sets a precedent that all rules are created to hinder people. Then people lose faith in the legislature and generally lack the interest to participate in the system. And without population participation, a democracy doesn't work and ends up being controlled by interest groups.

    Of course I'm also assuming that the discussion is pertinent to a democratic government and it's set of laws. If this is just a rant on the speed limit, well, all I have to say is there has to be consistency. If the speed limit wasn't directly posted, what's considered unsafe driving speed? I certainly hope it doesn't all rest on an officer's discretion. There's a wide spectrum of beliefs about law and order within any given police force. There has to be some sort of concrete standard to go by, otherwise people would B.S. their way out of everything. Hell they already do with the standards. Can't imagine without.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I could never understand how people can make rules and not make anyone follow them........Like with speed limits, why make speed limits if they are going to let everyone go fast and pull the ones over that do actually go the speed? ....This is something I never understood, even as a child.
    it's called corruption. you could also call it perversion, twistedness or wickedness.
    especially with things like Law, where there's no single authority: the laws are made by one or more people for a particular aim and then, the following people of power try to corrupt those laws to suit their own aims.

    speeding's a good example of that. for while the rules of the road which give us road safety may have been originally founded on promoting road safety, the politicians & co who came after that, saw a stable situation ripe for financial exploitation.
    and such things aren't confined to speeding (not in Britain, anyway): i can show various issues of a corruption of road safety laws and regulations which are good enough proof for any reasonable person to see that the current political/police claims for road safety concerns are just lies. we're all encouraged and/or forced into mass personal transportation because it's a good money spinner for the rich and powerful and the whole of the transport industry stands as an underhand form of taxation for their benefit.

    and you can see the same things with social care and provisioning. seriously, the rich and powerful still begrudge us the right to vote and the status as persons that confers upon us. they'll forever try to find ways to whip us into submission, to brand us and to milk us like cattle.

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    I remember when I was in elementary school, other kids were allowed to break rules and it would be caught on video they were doing goofy things but when I would, hell would break loose from the staff. Even then I didn't understand why we had rules and were not meant to be followed and they only applied to me but no one else.

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    In the perfect world, rules would describe what all of society has agreed upon and would be enforced completely and consistently.

    In the real world, most rules (and laws) act as a fallback to be applied when someone (subjectively) decides they need to be. That sign at every fast food place that says "max customer time 10 minutes" or something similar, it's there for when a homeless guy buys a coffee then hangs out there for the rest of the day. You and your friends can probably stay there all afternoon.

    In other words, most rules are applied by those who have the authority to do so when what you are doing is counter to what they want.

    It can be frustrating when it feels like others get away with things that you get nailed for, but it's necessary to have some human subjectivity as codifying all scenarios and circumstances to meet that actual intention would be next to impossible.

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    Rules are digital while most people are analog(some are just anal).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
    Rules are digital while most people are analog(some are just anal).
    I love this metaphor to no end lol.

    As per this post - I agree with FantasticMrFox about it being more of a moral guideline, when i see assholes rush past school zones, i make it a habit not to get to know those kinds of pricks if im ever given the opportunity, though I do believe it is unfair that i've been ticketed for going 8 or 9 miles over the limit while countless douchebags leave fire in their tracks going 30-40 miles over the limit. Honestly, I believe people should take multiple aptitude tests before getting their license >_< but then again I live in Miami (statistically proven to be the state with the WORST drivers) so honestly any other place is significantly better... I've seen visiting New Yorkers say that they would rather spend 4 hours stuck in traffic than spend 10 minutes on the Florida turnpike... and i couldnt agree more.

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    the other thing about rules and laws is that it's about what can be PROVED in a court of law and not necessarily what was done. now the reason for that is everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. this is not a bad thing but it does lead to problems with people being able to get away with harmful things because of lack of evidence. depending on the crime you can get away with even a felony if you understand how the system works. i learned to protect myself both in a court room as well as physically threatening situations for a reason. if i am forced to defend myself i think about the bare minimum force necessary to stop the attacker in question from seriously harming me. why the minimum force? because if i was to permanently cripple someone for the rest of their lives which i know how to do much to my chagrin that individual could in fact sue me in a CIVIL trial and i would probably lose that case. so using MINIMUM force is a great way to protect myself from that. i could just pin someone to the ground without leaving a mark on them and just sit there until the cops got there instead of twisting their arms in a way that it should not go.

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