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Thread: Protective pants?

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    Default Protective pants?

    What is the best type of protective pants that are quite and do there job, Vinyl, nylon, plastic or rubber?

    I also like my diaper hugging me nice and tight so could I wear mesh pad pants over my diaper and protective pants to make it more snug? Would mesh pants bring the diaper more snug?


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    I like PUL pants, they're soft and comfortable and don't make me sweat. They're not cheap though.

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    I recently discovered the Gary Wear Active Briefs which are a PUL pant and they feel amazing and are very comfortable. (I just ordered more after trying the first pair). I've used plastic and rubber before but they can get hot and sweaty. Then I like to pull a pair of underarmor boxer briefs over the whole assembly to keep everything in place and snug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinylfeet View Post
    Then I like to pull a pair of underarmor boxer briefs over the whole assembly to keep everything in place and snug.
    Never thought of that! Il go get a few!

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    I have a couple pair of PUL pants, and though I like them, they don't come up high enough if you wear cloth pre-folds. A member on this site mentioned nylon and said he really liked them. I've never tried them, but they review well.

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    I have been using 3 types
    Plastic snap-on by ABUniverse they work well and the snaps are plastic and do not get detected at air port security screening
    They Are a little noisy at first but once they warm up, they are fine

    Gary white-boilable snap-on are great also. Snap-one are great for daytime because they are open on sides to breathe.

    For pull on, Adult Cloth Diaper's leakmasters are perfect. Order one size smaller and they will hold your diaper tight and close. Superior protection day or night. As a FYI, pull on don't breathe well, and hot days ....... Well, it is not recommended.
    Just my 2 cents. What ever you do, make sure to wear them in a safe place the first time.

    FYI, I just went through airport screening in a Bambino, quad booster, and snap-on pants and no private screening.

    As it should be right?

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    I'm probably the weird one here. I like having my diaper with 4 boosters fit snuggly. My solution was using my white BVD cotton briefs (2 or 3 pairs) over the diaper and under the Salk Sani Pants pull-on plastic pants. The cotton "whitey tighties" hold everthing snug and provide a final absorbant layer to contain any leaks. By the way, my typical diaper change cost me less than 60 cents per diaper change and has a capacity of over 96 ounces. Just saying.

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    I wear diapers so I can pee without wetting my clothes, furniture, car, etc. Security is my priority. I felt that thin plastic pants were not so secure and took to wearing a vinyl-coated polyester pant. That got expensive as they get brittle and crack over time. I found a thicker vinyl pant, 7 mil, from Gary. I'm trying that now. Also, I bought a urethane pant but it's too tight; perhaps I'll try a larger one after my Gary pant "experiment."

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    I like cloth diapers too. At night I use an ACD pre-fold over-night over a Bambino and then use Gary heavy gauge milky white pull on tuffy. Huge and bulky but it works well and comfortable. I'm not into AB stuff, but I like the babyKins Onesie.

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    No one has answer my question yet of what type is the best out of the 4 :/

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