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Thread: Buying diapers online.

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    Default Buying diapers online.

    Hey guys, so basically just started university, and I'm looking to buy diapers. Seeing as I will literally have to go from one side of the uni to the other, looking for some in discreet packaging, so no one would know they were diapers if I flashed the box it came in infront of them? Was wondering if anyone could help me out?

    Kind of looking for two types aswell, the kind of bulky type for sleeping and then just pull ups for normal day wear. Not really sure where to buy from.

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    Where do you live?
    What is your price range?

    Answer those and il give you a site.

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    UK, generally price range doesn't matter aslong as its not ludicrously high! :3

    - Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadelineOctavia View Post
    Try Amazon. That's where I got mine!
    I would! But I want somewhere where theres a guarentee of discreet delivery :S

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    I order from Incontinence Choice and they are totally discreet, in plain brown boxes or black plastic bags depending on the size of package. The label says "Choice Shops Ltd" and the delivery note is inside the package, not taped to the outside. They sell Abena, Tena, Molicare and also some economy brands, pullups, slips, pads, whatever you want. Good prices too.

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    XP Medical is my staple supplier. Unfortunately my staple diaper, dry 24/7, have been out of stock.

    In the mean time Bambinos' total dry x-plus with the total dry boosters also from their website has been a pretty good substitute.

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    Bambino ships pretty discreetly. The only marking they have is a return address from tbhg. :-) If you are worried about roomates or parents, make sure they ship UPS and you can have the diapers sent to a UPS store for pickup!

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    XP is definitely a good one. Vitality medical has a ridiculously low price range but I've never gone through them personally. I think when I calculated it up, the shipping almost made the prices on vitality comparable to xp though, so it's not much of a save really. And they deal in cheaper brands of diapers. As for pull-ups, I've heard good things about the Abena slip-on, though again, I've never tried it myself. Honestly, goodnites have been my pull-up of choice, but that's because I can fit in them and I generally like the designs. I've also tried different store brand pull-ups, but they were most often smaller than goodnites. Some of them I liked for their plain qualities rather than looking either childish or medical. Plus they were really inexpensive and convenient assuming you aren't going to get caught buying there.

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    Thanks for all the responses ! :O I checked some of them out, and XP Medical would charge me just shy of $90 to ship to my location Gonna check Bambino next, but for now I bought off Cuddlz.

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