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Thread: New Walgreens diapers

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    Default New Walgreens diapers

    I had to get more diapers for obvious reasons today, so, I headed over to Walgreens. I got back home with them, everything went according to plan, and I decided to get diapered for the night. So, I rip open the package, and the first thing I notice is how smooth the diapers looked. I reached for one, and my mouth literally dropped open, and my pacifier fell to the ground. They replaced the fabric cover with a plastic one. How ever, they made it about half as thick as the fabric ones, which is a definite negative. Then, I placed it on my bed, and lowered my body onto it, and it just didn't feel the same. So, I put it on, and the tapes were very small (half the size of the other ones ), and when I got up, the diaper just felt extremely cheap. I'm sure that the absorbency will decrease dramatically, because I usually use them to wet two or three times.

    In short: The pros and cons.

    -Readily available

    -Very thin
    -Cheap feeling
    -Cheap tapes
    -Doesn't "fit" as well

    I'd rate it 5/10, as compared to the cloth version, but I definitely LOVE the plastic cover.

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    Oh gosh! I'd rate walgreens diapers a negative 10/10. Those were the first diapers I bought for Stirlock to try and *rolls eyes* just... how bout this. Next time anybody falls hard on desprate times... y'all stick some cheap napkins in a wallgreens shopping bag and call it a wallgreens diaper. Those silly things leaked all over my bed on his first time trying to go in them and it was my first time being a part of the whole diaper change process and I was annoyed at the fact that it was going so badly, but the whole time very supportive. The tapes are rediculously useless and all in all... about the only thing that was even a plus... was the fact that they were plastic backed. Hope you didn't buy too big of a package of them. I'll be surprised if anybody jumps on here and has anything exciting to say about the amazing wallgreens brand.

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    are you sure you didn't just accidentally pick up a really ooolld pack of them? Not a new pack? Is the namebrand Certainty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypnotized View Post

    are you sure you didn't just accidentally pick up a really ooolld pack of them? Not a new pack? Is the namebrand Certainty?
    I just recently bought the Certainty that u just said and I wouldn't say they are bad at all. Plus they dont have a plastic back. They are actually refastenable tabs now too. I would rate them 8/10

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    Medium pack of 22, fitted briefs. It used to be 18 (I think), but not they have less padding...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    Medium pack of 22, fitted briefs. It used to be 18 (I think), but not they have less padding...
    i just bought a pack of medium which is the smallest size and it comes with 20

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    Could you post a picture of the bag?
    I was planning on buying some diapers from Walgreens soon and I want to avoid these new ones if they really are as bad as you say.

    If this is true it's a blow to my wallet, as CVS costs more..

    I've had little problem with the Walgreens brand so far, but it seems you're talking about different types than I am, since mine are plastic backed and the tapes actually are useful, so that may be why.

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    They must have reinforced the design since my boyfriend tried them. That was three years ago too though, so I'd hope they would be smart enough to work out the kinks

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    I buy them when they are on sale. $6.99 for a pack of diapers in pretty good if you ask me.

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    I never buy walgreens diapers.

    I work there!

    Even still, they're amazingly cheap diapers so, like supercas29 said, take some napkins and stick them in a walgreens back for better performance... lol. I buy my diapers online, but I suppose that's a luxury some people, especially younger ones, can't afford. There are ways to get them without having them sent to your house, though.

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