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Thread: Got a body shaper but doesn't fit

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    Default Got a body shaper but doesn't fit

    I picked up a body shaper at one of those "El Remate" bargain stores I frequent, after chickening out twice before. I had the idea of using it as a onesie so pretty much it would be for everyday use. I got the biggest one they had in the store (it's like a dollar store so they don't have dressing rooms anyway) only to find out it's 3-4" too small. I spent $25 on it I really don't have and a couple of the hooks popped as I was trying to get it on. I'm not really looking for a refund or exchange but I can't use it the way it is but I don't want to get rid of it.
    I thought of taking it to a tailor but I don't know if many do that kind of thing; it's not all that stretchy like typical Spandex. I think all it would need is a section added in the back and it would be something I could work with, but I don't know, I'm clueless other than I know they'll hem a pair of jeans for $5 - should I provide them with measurements (I sure don't want to do it in front of them) or would an added panel of a certain width be enough? Who's been through this?

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    I've got some body shapers, but all mine a stretchy...never seen one not stretchy.

    Next, is it too short...or too narrow?

    The body shapers I've seen have hooks in the crotch...

    Is this more a corset...with hooks instead of laces...?


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    Thanks for replying!

    It's too narrow, couldn't get it past my hips.

    This one does have hooks in the crotch, as well as a series of hooks and a zipper at the top front.

    I'd say it is more a shaper than corset as it has tank top-like shoulder straps. There are parts of it that are made to be stretchy though they're sewn in all different directions to make some areas rigid. There's a continuous seam up the back that had me to wondering if it might be salvaged. I don't know how much that all helps but if anyone's ever heard of doing alterations of these things I would be interested

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    I don't have any like that...

    But I guess you could put an extra panel in...but might look wierd?


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    Sounds like panel time, though honestly it sounds more like a corset than a shaper, I own about 20 shapers from full trunk one that is breast to thighs to just just panties, tank style and swimsuit style ones I also own 6 corest all of the are more closely constructed to what you have. Not beat on it but it sounds like a corset with set of hooked panties sewn on. Anyway I would have a panel added but expect to pay more than $5 as they will want to use similar material and material cost plus it must be constructed and that takes more time. Sorry to be all negative I just have been their .

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