Now I don’t know if anyone else does what I do, but every so often about yearly I just start doing web searches, I search for everything I can think of that betrays. So I look up things such as “adult babies in media” and I look for both good and bad. I look up many other things such as thought of wearing diapers just for fun among other things.
Now to my point, each year I do this I have noticed a change. In the start when I was looking up all this stuff, there was just a bunch of hate and every show that did get a chance to talk about it was just attacking adult babies and diaper lovers. Over the years sure there has been more shows that attack all of us but there also are the shows that tell the truth about how we are without making us seem like freaks. Along with all that, there is the fact that back in the day there was just a few websites that told people who we were and there about equal number of hate websites. Now that I look in current times I cannot even find hate websites but there is more and more information sites that explain in a very good way who we are without making it seem like we are just those weirdos.
Now don’t get me wrong there still are some things out there, news channels, that makes it seem like we are bad for the society but then there is the news channels that show the better in what we do, it has gone from attacks to more understanding.
I think as we grow as a culture and the more people that know about us the more expectance we well get, it just takes times and maybe a movement to get people to understand.
Now I feel like I am rambling so I am going to let it up to others options.