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Thread: Problem Getting diapers, money related

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    Default Problem Getting diapers, money related

    As you probably know from my blog posts, i've been working for the past month or so, and have needed a top up on my diaper stash for quite a while now (down to one now ).

    My mum wants me to save at least $900 for a car (She says that she'll match it) and I need to buy some new parts for my PC as well, which'll cost me around $500 in total.

    Should I just forget the PC parts for now and get the Diapers? or vice-versa?
    (P.S: I really, really need a new power supply, and a 1200w one is around $350 here, I have a failing 1200w now and desperately need a new one)

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    Well, a package of diapers isn't nearly $500 dollars. Have $15-30 off and to buy them. I say $30 because sometimes one pack just doesn't cut it.

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    Put off $10-$30 like Dragon said.
    It's not going to kill you or anything.

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    If you're really in that much of a financial bind, then you shouldn't even buy diapers...If it's a fetish (I'm a assuming it is), then you can put that off to buy more important things...You shouldn't let diapers be such a huge part of your budget unless you actually need them

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    WTF do you need a 1200W supply for? sell one of your 3 video cards, or the house your powering with it and buy some diapees!

    there are also plenty of cars for under $1000

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    Not around here there isn't, any cars under $1000 are most likely un-warrantable and deregistered, not what i'm looking for.

    Also, an update, I managed to buy some depends. Not really what I was looking for, but should last me for a month or so (I bought 3 packs of 12)

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    WTF do you need a 1200W supply for? sell one of your 3 video cards, or the house your powering with it and buy some diapees!

    there are also plenty of cars for under $1000
    they have 1200 watt PSU's? I only got a 500 or 550 watt in my rig and I am able to pull off Crysis on all medium at 1280x 1024 res (that's with a single 8800 GT.)

    Anyways I think you should spend a set amount on diapers and have a savings fund for computer upgrades. (as if you need them I think.)

    Really I don't think I ever seen a gaming PC that needed a 1200 watt PSU. Your just wasting money for buying WAY more then what you need. It's like if someone used a Abena X-Plus for half a hour then threw it away.

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    Yeah there is no way you could possibly need a 1200w power supply

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    If you're careful with your budget, you should be able to put asside $30 for diapers, and save them as a treat.

    But as everyone says, 1200W is surely ridiculous! My machine has a quad core CPU/dual graphics-card set up, and far too many harddiscs/optical drives, but even I am only using 750W- and I feel like that's playing it safe...

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