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    Hi. I'm vinylfeet. I work in IT and I'm married with small children. I'm AB I guess. Definitely DL and we need a tag for footed pajamas! There's nothing better for me than to be in my diapers and footed pjs. I have a very understanding, but non-participating wife but even so I try not to push things too far. Lately, I'm having some problems with IC, or at least I'm on the edge of it. This has been very gradually building up over the years, but it is to the point now that I know if I didn't have desk job just down the hallway from a bathroom, then I would have surrendered to diapers a few years ago. Long story short, that's what got me here as I was looking for some resources.
    I'm just a regular guy who takes care of his family and mows the yard, and grows a garden, and fixes our cars, and takes on projects with the house that might be a little above my pay grade, so to say. That's me in a nutshell and I just wanted to make a proper intro.

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    Hello Vinylfeet and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice and informative introduction.

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    Hello Vinylfeet and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice and informative introduction.

    What kind of gardening do you do?

    I also have to ask (just because I have had the same issues) have you talked to a Doc. about your IC? TMI: Mine was a prostate infections they (Family Practice MD) ignored for three years, because all they could see was my body weight and check for Diabetes. All of the tests where negative until I was IC. The Urologist did not give up and after the exam he found a very nasty slow growing bug that does not show up in a urinalysis.

    Any way welcome to the group.

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    No, haven't mentioned it to the doc yet. I figure I may have to do that soon.

    Just general vegetable gardening...nothing out of the ordinary.

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    Do not wait to long. The longer Prostate Infections go untreated the worse the damage is. It has been 15 yr. since my little episode and I still have problems with it.

    I like to do Vegetables to. I have gotten into raising Hopi Indian corn and grinding my own corn meal.


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