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Thread: Putting on diapers-Question?

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    Default Putting on diapers-Question?

    I have been into diapers my whole life and been wearing abena M4's regularly for 2 years now, so idk why i dont know the answer to this question.

    But... When i put on a diaper is it ok or even better for the bottom tapes to be ontop of the padding?

    Just now i repositioned my tapes differently than i usually do so that they were more level and actually ontop of my padding, i noticed this freed my legs up alot, and it seemed to have brought the legs gathers closer/snuger to the back of my thighs, but overall they seemed looser, and way more comfortable. The one problem i had was with the tapes popping off, but being that i've been in my diaper for a few hours already and wet a bit, ontop of me using the white tapes and reapplying them at least 3 or 4 times im assuming this is why they kept coming off.

    Typically when i put on a diaper i make sure the bottom tapes arent touching the padding, and essentially are pulling up from between my legs, so that usually my tapes are pointing downward at an angle. It's worked for me all this time but it does restrict my movement and alot of times when i take my diaper off i have a red ring around my leg from the gathers. Am I or have i been doing it wrong?

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    it depends, sometimes my bottom ones touch the padding i dont see much of a difference, as i am prob too small for what i am wearing

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    Your not doing it wrong if it works...

    Depending on which diaper brand, I use slightly different methods...

    The tape around the leg...sorta sung around the leg is what I do on molicare brand...abena I'm a bit more on the padding...they are just cut different.

    Now, I'd say use whatever works and is most comfortable for you.


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    You gotta put the tapes where they need to be for the leg holes to be snugged up. I'm afraid I've lost why that has anything to do with where the padding is. Angling the bottom ones upward a bit serves two purposes. It snugs the legs and the butt up a bit better and it also lessens the possibility the brief will roll which may end up with the takes picking up some leg skin. Conversely, aiming the top takes down will usually also help with the saggy butt, but you need to be careful not to overdo it if you're going to be lying down as it can cause the top front of the brief to gap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by askmelater47 View Post
    But... When i put on a diaper is it ok or even better for the bottom tapes to be ontop of the padding?... Am I or have i been doing it wrong?
    Since there are many sizes of people and just a few sizes of diapers, it's not like tailoring a suit. There is no "one right way" to tape up any diaper. You have to find what arrangement works best for you for the diaper you are trying to put on. Oversize diapers have to be taped up differently than diapers that fit you more closely. The height where the top tapes attach (up on the bare plastic or down on the padding) depends entirely on the length of the diaper from front to back, compared to what you ideally need it to be.

    Strip down and figure out where your hips are the narrowest. Use a belt if you need to. The top tapes NEED to wrap around this point or below it, make a mental note of where that spot is on the left and right side of your hips. If you tape them any higher, it's like putting on your belt too high. It's going to slip down to where your waist is thinner, and your diaper will sag badly. The job of the top tapes is to keep your diaper up. So figure that height out first.

    Using the "leaning against a wall or a door" method, hold the back of your diaper behind you. Raise it up so the top tapes are at the height of the narrow spot on your hips. Make sure the two sides are centered left to right, and then lean back to hold your diaper against the wall. Now that your hands are free, raise up the front of your diaper, pulling it up snug, and press against your belly. Make sure it's also centered left to right. Take a good look at how things are positioned right now, this is what you need to remember.

    Now just pull around a top tape and attach it. Pull it straight in, the two top tapes should be pulled directly toward each other, not up or downward. Depending on how tall the front is on you now, the tapes may land on bare plastic (diaper is too small or right size) or may be over padded area. (right size, or probably too big) After you've attached both of these tapes, you should be able to stand back from the wall and your diaper will stay put, it won't slip down. Look again at where these tapes are. Try to find a landmark on the diaper so you can quickly tape at this spot next time without so much thinking. I use the fold in the diaper as a reference point. If you were having problems with your diaper slipping down and were taping on tighter trying to combat that problem, you'll find that you don't need to crank down the tapes so tight to hold your diaper in place, so you may get a much more comfortable fit and not break tapes so often.

    The lowers have different issues depending on the diaper and it's size relative to your size. Their purpose is NOT to hold up your diaper, it's to seal the diaper around your legs so you don't leak. DO NOT try to pull those tapes in directly toward each other. They need to be pulled around and frequently down toward where the elastic for that leg ends. How close you can get to that depends on the fit. If your diaper is on the small size, you could end up an inch or two away. If it's a good fit, you might be able to land the tapes right at the end of the elastic. If your diaper is oversize, you'll be taping an inch or more in past the end of the elastic. Place the first tape a little bit loose, because you'll be pulling the back around the other way when you stick down the other one. Try to avoid taping ON the elastic, attach the tape on the inside (crotch) side. These tapes usually end up angled downward, because most DLs will have their diapers a bit on the large side. After you have the lowers on, you should find you have a really snug fit around the legs, all the way around from front to back.

    This may cause a bit of a bulge in the front if your diaper is oversize, which may worry you. Don't worry about it. Once you pull on some pants, it'll flatten out upward. That only happens if your diaper is a bit big for you, which if you're between sizes, is unavoidable anyway. That extra material had to go somewhere, and you do NOT want it to be loose in the crotch, and it's not possible for it to go to the back because of the tapes.

    If this is a lot different than you're used to doing it, it'll feel a little weird. Give it a chance. On diapers that are a bit large on me, I sometimes trim the top down a bit, so I don't have 3-4 inches of "dead plastic" hanging out above the tapes in the front. (trim before taping them on)

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    It's safe to say that the bottom tapes should be angled upward and the top one angled downward. Where you put them will be pretty natural that way.

    The tapes should not cut into your leg when sitting or prevent your leg from moving freely. Over tightening will also cause leaks.

    Those are general guidelines when putting a diaper. You will find the best way for you. It will change with brands. Test with a velcro diaper to find your favorite fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob111 View Post
    It's safe to say that the bottom tapes should be angled upward and the top one angled downward. Where you put them will be pretty natural that way.
    I see that advice a lot, and even on printed instructions for diapers, and I strongly disagree with running the lower tapes upward. The uppers can be aimed down to pull up a loose diaper, but the lowers NEED to be pulling up on the leg elastic, and UP is not the proper direction to tape them do that, unless your diaper is too small for you. Once the tape has made the turn past your side of your hip, it needs to be angling down

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    I place the lower tapes over the padding, just below the top tapes. Works fine for me. I guess a medium is a bit large on me with my 30" waist, but that's OK.

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    Firstly, i want to thank all of you for your helpful insight, keep it coming. Secondly a little more info from me, the diaper in question is an Abena M4 and my pants size is 32. I don't have a proper measuring tape so based on my pants size id say i have anywhere between 31-34in waist/hips, im flat chested with a six pack. I can barely get into an Abena S4(but i can) and so i use M4 because its more comfortable and easier to get on. SO, im on the low end of the medium range. I've basically figured how to put on a diaper myself thusfar, though i have read the guide thats sticky on the homepage and use that method as a guideline. Typically i try and use the standing method though i have found out recently that laying on the floor helps keep things situated and make it easier to start off. Currently, i usually lay down to start off the bottom tapes and then stand up to do the tops and reposition top or bottom if it doesnt feel right.

    IN DETAIL, my method is as follows. I unfold the diaper, stretch the wings and get all the creases out. With my hands i go along the padding and get it concave, especially making sure to get the folds out of the padding. I put the diaper between my legs and pull up the front and the back making sure the back is slightly higher than the front. Then, I will usually lay down(though i don't want to) and double check the front height against the back height. I then take the right side, fold a pleat, and tape the lower right tape first, taking care not get the tape on the padding but trying to get it as far from my skin as possible, as snug as possible(without being too tight), on a flat surface not wrinkled or over a seam, and so as to pull up from between my legs. This appears to fall right on or about the crease in my groin where the joint for my leg is or even slightly on my leg(i.e. when i sit down the lower tape creases in half the same way my skin does). Then i repeat for the other lower tape on the left side, only this one is harder because im right handed. Now, i stand up. Next, i do the top tapes, and they're pretty easy. I start with the right, I pull it straight across and try and set it where i remember it should be, which is about 1/2-1in from the blue bar printed with M4 that runs the length of the diaper. Then I take the left side top tape and pull it straight around and set it level with the right tape pulling the diaper snug, and it usually falls around the same distance as the right from the blue line on the left side. Then, While standing i will reposition any and all of the tapes so that everything seems to be snug and symmetrical(I'm OCD about stuff like that). Sometimes the backing will tear off a little during repositioning but i try not to worry about it and if it looks like im going to tear alot off then i just stop and leave that tape be.
    All in all this method has worked for me pretty good, but sometimes the top will be a little loose(ive found that re-taping the top while sitting makes for one hell of a good fit) and around the legs/thighs in back will usually gap a little if i move my leg the right way(I don't leak, but if i leak(from over saturation) this is where it always happens). Pretty much every time i put on a diaper i get some sort of restriction in leg movement(usually in how far i can step forward before i feel the diaper beginning to shift or stretch) which leads to waddling or having to take shorter steps and being slightly careful of how i move.

    What prompted me to ask this question, is that the other night i tried what others were saying about top tapes down and bottom tapes up(though my bottom tapes were more or less straight). This put all of my tapes on top of the padding(which i dont really like the idea of), and made for the most comfortable fit I think I've ever felt, and did not restrict my legs at all. But, I felt as though the leg gathers weren't doing quite what they were supposed to, and i also had an issue with the bottom tapes coming off(not breaking off or tearing off, just coming unstuck).

    After reading what's been posted here so far, i think bambinod has it just about right. One thing I've never taken notice of that's been brought to my attention, is the elastic for the leg gathers. If i read it right, bambinod said the tape should be on top of if not more to the inside(crotch-side) of the elastic. The way ive been putting them on im pretty sure my tapes were just outside of the elastic, rather than on top of or just to the inside. After checking an M4 the elastic runs practically the whole length of the diaper right along the border of the padding, which means the lower tapes will go just slightly on top of the padding. I think this is exactly the info i was looking for. Next time i pad up, i will do everything the same as i normally would but ill make sure to place my bottom tapes in regards to this.

    I'll give an update once i get a chance to try it out sometime later this week. thank you everybody for your help, and keep posting.

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    Putting the tapes horizontal to sightly inclined (lower upwards, upper downwards) has given me very good results. Pulling the leg gathers upwards won't work anyway, so just make shure you can move and don't kill the fit of the diaper in the process.

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