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Thread: what is your bra size?

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    Default what is your bra size?

    Last time I checked my bra size at Victoria Secret (since I don't wear any bras), I was a 36B, but due to my body fat, it probably has gotten bigger.

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    I fit a 40a very nicely, more for support than anything else...

    I also have some 38b, that's not as "compressive" but fits nicely...

    I usually wear a bra if running equipment that my tracked bobcat, or tractor, even sometimes my Zero turn mower...when mowing paths or off the main the orchard.


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    Well, I'm a 36...cup size doesn't really matter for me, lol. B cups seem to be most abundant around that size though.

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    36DD, but I'm thinking of getting implants that will make me even more large and in charge.

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    My bra size, a lovely 36B, and I have about 25 bra's, just love them

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    Mine's a 38C and wear them everyday.

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    A lot smaller than I thought before I measured. T. T

    On the plus side, I can wear a sports bra and parade around as an ambiguous/femme-y dude and confuse all the people, so that's fun.

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    38C push-up bras mostly. Really does wonders for my body shape

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    The bras I wear are 36C push up bras, they fit great and feel great.

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