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Thread: Can any kind souls reserve me a blazikenite?

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    Default Can any kind souls reserve me a blazikenite?

    I won't be able to get a 2DS and pokemon until the 15th of next month, can anyone save me a blazikenite until then? It might need a couple people working together, I'm not sure how recieving it works (I assume the carts are not limited to 1 download if you reset them.) I'll swap the starter that you or the two of you don't have in exchange. #blatentbribary

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    no worries mate, you will be able to get your special torchic w/blazikinite until the 15th of january 2014

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    O.o... Okay, so my definition of "soon" and nintendo's are not the same. Should have realized that when ever pokemon game ever released was 'coming soon'

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    It's impossible to get more then one unless you got another copy of X/Y and another 3DS/2DS to transfer them to.

    To get the event torchick and its megastone, you have to save then exit to the main menu and use mystery gift. so since the game only supports one save file. Well, if you repeat you lose the one you already picked up.

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