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Thread: Panty Cuts

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    Default Panty Cuts

    Hello sissys,

    what panty cut do you sissys like?

    i.e. Bikini, Brief, etc

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    Somewhere between bikini and granny pantie for me. I can do boyshorts but that's a bit out of place for diapers really

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    I've tried several styles, and briefs are the best for me...even though I rarely wear any...


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    not really a sissy, but i have some experience in women's underwear and i prefer bikini cut, boy shorts feel awkward and so do thongs and anything riding up my ass. id like to have a string bikini, where its a regular bikini cut and fit but with 1-2 strings on the sides, but they are somewhat hard to find. what i really prefer in my panties is nylon, lycra, spandex type material, cotton just doesnt stretch enough to feel right not to mention it feels bulky and hot.

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    I like my full cut briefs in nylon. No cotton.

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    I think I prefer brief cuts and boyshorts. Would love to do bikini cut but that's hard when... yeah.

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    I prefer bikini or brief.

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    Bikinis and thongs! Though, those are all I have. Never tried brief-cut.

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