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Thread: New to stuffers but so far I like them

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    Default New to stuffers but so far I like them

    i'd been eager to try stuffers for a few weeks until recently and had been scoping out different ones. The other day I experimented with folded dish towels and microfiber rags in some very cheap thin diapers I've been getting at $3/12. They've increased the bulk to a level I'm satisfied with and am impressed at the way I can assault them with a near toilet-strength stream.

    My previous doubling method was to cut slits in Walmart style adult pullups with the result of 2 diapers being halfway wasted instead of just 1 at a time. They left me feeling wet way too early.

    Over the weekend I spotted a few bags of Tranquility Topliners for $3/12 and doubled with a standard cheapo (I picked up a bag of Dignity at the same time, the seller said he would do me 8 bags of those for $30 but that's a different topic) and the combination almost has the feeling of being in a beloved Abena M4 though the tapes are nowhere near as good this way, but still, half the price...

    To summarize; I am highly impressed with the Tranquility liners and the way they can make a cheapest-of-the-cheap diaper last a few hours as opposed to 1 wetting. Though I may be doing something wrong when I apply the diaper/ stuffer combo; they seem to shift between the time I apply the diaper and the time I remove it.

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    I have also recently been using stuffer to boost capacity, i have found the molimed classic been good for these they have a sticky strip to hold themselves in place, and i don't seem to need to cut or add slits. I have been very impressed and wish i had found this solution long time ago

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    Just an FYI, I have been using the TotalDry Boost Ups (work great), but have just ordered the Quadro (Booster Pads) non-hour-glass shaped inserts. I have been told by other members that they work better. Just say the word if you want my 2 cent opinion. I don't want to push too much information unless needed.
    The Quatro and BoostUps are sticky backed and not plastic on back side. Nice, as it passes the moisture through tot he diaper. They hold a lot, really a lot. You cant' over flood them. Very safe for those long days.

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    i have abena abri-let normals that i bought along with a bag of S4's, i wanted to try the S4 but knew the capacity would be less. They are flow through and non-glue, they do work pretty good, but i find they shift a little until wet and the feeling is awkward, also with how tight a fit the s4 were on me adding a booster just made the bulkiness a bit much to handle. none the less I'd say u could try them, they also have a maxi which im guessing is the same thickness but its nearly twice the length having the extra length would probably help a bit with the shifting and probably feel less awkward.

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    I recently tried the Abena Abri-Let Normal boosters, and really like them every now and then (when I'm really stressed out). Their rated absorbency isn't that great, but they absorb really quickly and wick well too. And they just feel amazing.

    I tried the Maxi version, but they seem to be made of a completely different material which I don't particularly like the feel of, and they're really just too big and uncomfortable.

    The boosters are interesting (and well worth trying, even if it's just once) for that "fully padded" feeling, but most of the time a good diaper by itself feels better.

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    I've seen the Abri-lets next to the Abri-forms I get, the price is hard for me to justify considering I'm already getting the M4s, and when I doubled an Abena with a Walmart pullup I nearly got myself busted (cue Sam Kinison's impression of being on cocaine). I took a shopping trip earlier today and looked at regular menstrual pads as a possible tide-me-over until I can get more liners but I wasn't sure if the wetness would pass through the same and I was starting to feel like a perv so that question remains unanswered for now. I pondered the Depend male guards too but the size of package offered would be too large for me to transport.

    @ Norcal those sound wonderful though I'm not likely to see them on a local store shelf. What I have to work with is a motorbike and a backpack so everything needs to be cheap, small and local. The Abenas I have to cradle in the step-through part of the frame as it is, thankfully my source provides a black plastic bag

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    I have used (and have in my stash) almost all of the commercially made booster/liners on the market. That said, I have found I get the biggest bang for my buck by modifying adult diapers for this purpose.

    As an example I got 12 count packs of medium plastic backed diapers at a thrift store for $.99. This yields 24 pads at a little over 4 cents each. Compare that to say, Medline MoliForm Premium Liners, 13" x 24.5" at $.50 each. COST IS EIGHT TIMES AS MUCH!

    An average adult diaper will yield 2 large boosters that have a greater capacity than any commercially made product. I trim around the entire diaper then cut it in half at the middle. I use graphic arts scissors to cut small v shaped slits about every inch.

    My current diaper change consists of three or four pads made this way placed in the front half of a taped or velcro adult diaper. My nighttime diaper starts with a (slitted) pull-up disposable underwear under four pads in the front of my adult diaper then with 2-4 cotton briefs covered by Salk Sani-Pants plastic pants. These can hold in excess of 96 ounces of liquid and are more than adequate for overnight use without a change. All this for $.50 - $.60 per diaper change.

    At my diaper change, I dispose of all of the pads and cut the wet section from the outer diaper and the pull-up, usually resulting in another couple boosters for a subsequent change. This way I use up 95% of all of my diapers without any waste. Simply wash hands thoroughly after the proceedure and you're good to go.
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    I sometimes use the Abri-Let Maxis with an M4 and it is an imposing combination. They barely fit between the leak guards side to side and are have to be tucked under the leak guards at the ends where they fold in. They do help the absorption quite a bit though, especially wicking to the front and back. Once I cut open the diaper and slid the booster under the SAP, as well as putting a booster in the normal place. This was an impressive thing to feel but didn't seem to increase the absorbency much.

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