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    Ok the other night I had the oddest dream. Every one i knew was wearing a diaper everyone was acting infantismal it was kinda odd.
    But at the same time kinda cool. I know it would never happen. But at the same time it would be really cool if it did. Any one else have a dream like this?

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    Last night i had a dream that my friend came out to me as abdl and she was surprised but excited to know that i was too. you can imagine my huge disappointment to wake up and realize that it was all a dream.

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    A couple of nights ago I had a dream, and I think the abdl botton made it happen ( ya know with the heart and a diaper around it ) . Anyways I went for a bike ride and I come to this brick house that says " abdl " on it , I pass the house knowing what it means but thinking it couldn't mean that . The next thing I know is that a couple of the people come outta the house and start chasing me, I get to my house and there banging on the door wanting to come in .

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    I had a dream the other night that I told my mom all about being ab/dl I've had a few of them like that actually...

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    I only have just started really exploring abism over the last 6 months, since I joined here actually. But the interesting thing is that before i started going to buy diapers in stores, before I joined adisc, I used to have these dreams about going into Safeway or any ole grocery store. In these dreams it was always the same, I knew I was looking for diapers, and I was going to buy them. I would hunt up and down every isle like i was there for other things and then get to the isle where Adult products are only to find that the product i was looking for wasn't there. Some times there weren't even diapers at the place. this was always a terrible feeling and i would be completely embarrassed that some one would know i was looking for diapers.

    whats funny about the whole thing is that this really speaks to the feeling that has to be over come in order to get out and be involved with this. To get over the feeling that every one is watching you buy and knows your secret. I have gone to the store many times now IRL and this exact scenario has happened, however, through trial and error, I now also know what places to go to get what i need, and as such avoid the awkward feeling.

    The best part of my ridiculously long post is that since i have started buying product in stores to facilitate my ab/dl needs, my confidence has been boosted. Although it is still tough sometimes, I find my self becoming more and more comfortable with myself and this.

    Viva Dreams! Also viva the internet!
    - Now i dream of love...

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    I've had several dreams lately where I'm walking around town in just a diaper and a t-shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I've had several dreams lately where I'm walking around town in just a diaper and a t-shirt.
    lol. I dreamed that last night. I woke up mortified. Even though I didn't even wear a diaper last night. xd

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    I've often had dreams of being diapered by ppl (just random ppl) and they would just ignore it and act like it was an everyday thing for them. another one is the typical test with only underwear dream but with a diaper

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    Funny story... I had a sexy dream one time and woke up to find I'd had an emission. Fortunately I had my trusty Goodnites on. Tad embarrassing, but saved me from doing laundry

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    Funny enough ever since I've told my bf about this side of me I've often had dreams of me and bf hanging out and doing things but the whole time I'm diapered.Last night I actually dreamed he and I were at the beach just goofing off and no one in the dream acts like it's weird I'm diapered

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