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    So I went to see the bladder doc and he said I did the absolute right thing by stopping the Vesicare when I had bad reactions to it, especially when it was not working anyway. And he completely understands that I do not wish to do any of the weird electro-stimulation stuff and that I am not about to have Botox injected into my bladder. And I told him that, after it was suggested here, I tried using the diapers as a toilet for the potty training thing, but that failed utterly: you can't get onto an hourly timetable if you end up wetting yourself minutes after you go to the bathroom. And I have definitely ruled out surgeries.

    So it's meds or nada. He said there were about eight other meds in the same group as the Vesicare, each with its own set of side effects, but they all basically worked the same way and since the drug was not working...

    He asked if I wanted to try one that had just been approved, and I said hey, why not? So we're giving it a go. It's called Myrbetriq. (What is it with pharmaceutical companies and their obsession with ending things with the letter Q?) I start it tomorrow. We shall see; I expect no miracles...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICkaraokegirl View Post
    What is it with pharmaceutical companies and their obsession with ending things with the letter Q?
    When in doubt, give something a fancy name to make people think its way cooler than it is. Since marketing people don't have much in the way of actual knowledge or skills, they're almost always in doubt.

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    Only thing I would suggest with new medication. Keep a eye on side effects. Your own and what people talk about on line.

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    Good luck with the new med ICKG. I thought about trying meds again (it's been over six years since I had a subscription for Vessicare). But, like you, I've had nothing but unpleasant side effects. Curious to see how you do on the new med.

    I am actually seeing a Urologist right now not for my urge incontinence, but for infertility. I have other issues (not to mention chronic IBS). But, I do feel from time to time that with 24/7 diapers, I've thrown in the towel so to speak. Then I remember that I am a repressed Little One and I'd be wearing anyway.

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    Good luck!

    I've tried many meds over the years...even cath...the cure was worse than the problem...

    I've got a huge pile of drugs for lots of things now...and I try to take as few as body also quits working with or get accustomed to drugs very I have to rotate even my pain killers..

    Spaz, I haven't been in to check for sure, but I'm most likely shooting blanks...else I'd have at least a few mini me's at this point...I think it's just the overheated groin area...not much free breeze n a plastic backed diaper...

    Also remember that the drug companies want you on thier drugs to make $$$$$ not to actually help you...

    I'd stay of every drug you can...

    Ex. My father has a rare blood disorder...never knew till had a blood clot at age 52 I think...anyhow, one drug to help that...oh that is now causing this...oh that second drug is now causing this...etc...

    Well, 18 years later the drugs have caused heart heart oblasion surgery...twice!

    Then changed sme drugs...then more issues...latest is now diabetes...

    Back when he started down this slope with drug to counteract a drugs side effects I wanted him to stop...

    He'd lived over 50 years with this blood disorder (no lupus anti-coagulants) without any issue...stop all the drugs for all the interactions...for things like high blood pressure, lipids, blood thinners, etc...non of which will kill you tomorrow...and just reboot his system and start again with the bare minimums...

    None of these drugs are good for you...they all have side effects, most of which are either liver, heart, pancreas, kidney issues long term...

    I'd rather have to walk around with an entire suite case of clothes than take another drug...fortunately diapers are easier than several clothing changes a day...

    Just food for thought.


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    One week in: no change in status. Not that I am shocked in any way.

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    ICkaraokegirl It sucks I know Docs have said that my IC was due to my weight I have tried meds nothing worked the side effects were not good so I want them to do an
    exploratory sugery as one doc thinks that I have had a herina for a long time and that it has caused adhesions on and around my bladder so I am in the same boat as you

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