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Thread: Towel/cloth Roller presses

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    Default Towel/cloth Roller presses

    What are those roller presses for drying out towels at car washes called? I cant figure it out, and i thought that it would work great for pushing water out of my cloth diapers after i rinsed them out so i can do dry storage. Wet storage is not working out so great in my situation.

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    They are wringers, like you find on an old wringer washer. Hope this helps.

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    They've been around for years. They're nothing but a hand operated wringer. Back in the day when their was nothing but full service, gas stations most had them to wring
    out their chamois to wash the windshields. I would say there still available through a service station or car wash wholesaler. They would definitely work to wring out cloth
    diapers. It's to bad that wringer washing machines were banned because of the danger of the power operated wringer. There was to many hands that got pulled into them
    mostly from young children playing with them. There were safeties built into them but most young kids didn't know how to operate them.

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    In my experience, even when rinsed and wrung out one still needs to store used diapers in a sealed container and wash on a timely basis.

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    Thankyou all, this is exactly what i was trying to think of.

    Unfortunately, it looks like it would be way more expensive than it would be worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringer View Post
    Is this what you are looking for
    They also still have wringer washers
    Looking at that site brings back a lot of memories from when I was young. I remember my mom using some of those items.

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    They are expensive. But order their catalog it has a lot of neat things in it. They have a pile of things you can get nowhere else like wood and coal stoves, oil lamps and LP gas refrigerators. If your ever in Ohio their store is well worth the trip just to look around.

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