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Thread: If you could live again

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    Default If you could live again

    So, heres yet another completely random thought. Say you die at an early age (Hit by a bus at age 19), and you end up in heaven... At the gates, you are given two options. Would you A) choose to stay in Heaven and never have the chance to be mortal again, or B) Choose to go back to Earth and continue your life, with the rule that you must NEVER speak or be seen by someone from your previous life, and if you do, you will be barred from Heaven and earth?

    I don't know what I would choose. I don't know if I would choose that one last hug, or to be pained forever with the knowledge that my family doesn't know I am still alive. What would you choose?

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    I would probably choose to live again. But I have no idea where I'd go. As a kid, wouldn't I just end up being sent back to my family? That's the only problem I see with it.

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    I have no idea.
    I don't believe those kind of decisions are for us to make.

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    idk. probably go back to earth just because i kinda fear heaven and living forever and ever. its just weird to think about ._.

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    Eternal happiness vs. anything less than eternal happiness?

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    I haven't made up my mind.
    One of the conditions of getting into heaven is being faithful to your religion and atoning for your sins.
    So you could very well be able to live your life and then go to heaven anyways.
    I'm leaning towards Earth, but just skipping that part and going to Heaven may be nice.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Of course, in the Wiccan faith, the answer it sort of "both". There's a temporary afterlife in a heaven-esque (called the Summerland) where one recovers from the most recent life experience and reflectts upon the lessons learned from that life. Then, at an appropriate time, the soul is sent back into incarnate form.

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    Staying down on earth without being in contact with my loved ones. I'd probably jump in front of another school bus.

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    Heaven, Because of elite class in power are going to do a mass slaughter against their own people. there will be no life to live because 6 billion people will die of either population control, nukes, or being tricked into believing in a one world religion because they think their religion is wrong.

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