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Thread: Question about Siblings

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    Default Question about Siblings

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    Quote Originally Posted by john745 View Post
    What are your thoughts of us wearing together.
    It's a horrible idea and I'm amazed you're even asking.

    Your profile says you're a DL, so I assume diapers are sexual for you. A sexual fetish should never mix with minors. Seriously, WTF

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    Quote Originally Posted by john745 View Post
    My little sister (age 11) has a slight interest in diapers as do I. What are your thoughts of us wearing together. I'm not trying to be sick or gross or anything just looking for honest opinions.

    Have you ever shared a diaper interest with your siblings?
    Seriously!? She's 11 and your sister the concept shouldn't even be in your mind, I'm new to ADISC and I apologize to the admins if I come off as mean. but dude your 26 yrs old move out of your parents house and get the #$%# away from your little sister if you're having fantasies like that. It's crap like this that leads people to associate ABDL with pedophila.

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    I'm actually 16 so sorry for lying about my age...

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    I know, I asked for my account to be deleted.

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