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Thread: new adult silicone pacifier

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    Default new adult silicone pacifier

    Did anyone see that baby-pants is make new silicone pacifier soon and will sell for around $30.00 instead 60.00 pacifier rus want. This great news for people can not used a laxet one and now we have cheap cost silicone one that will not kill your wallet.

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    Oooo that's great news!
    I will have to check it out.... I'm allergic to latex

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    i contacted them asking if they are gonna add a option for there mam pacis cause thats all i love

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    I too saw this announcement and am looking forward to the silicone version. The mommies there seem to be very nice and helpful. I didn't know the difference between the MAM and Disney guards and they kindly explained that the Disney were softer and chewable. Any experience with them?

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    I do wonder exactly what shape they'll be -- and how textured/hard the silicone will feel. But I don't care enough to balk. I just want a paci that won't give me an asthma attack in my sleep I honestly don't think there's anything worse. You go to sleep all fuzzy and calm and content, and wake up choking, panicking and humiliated in front of your bedmate. I've stopped using my latex Nuk5...

    But I can't bring myself to spend $60-70 for a silicone replacement. Pacifiers R Us is price-gouging, plain and simple. They're still going to have the market cornered for long-stem and other super specialized pacifiers, but at least Baby Pants will give ABs with latex allergies another option.

    I sent BP an email asking when they'll be released. If they reply with an answer, I'll try to let you guys know

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    I'm hoping that one day, one of these companies would make a bigger guard.

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    Thanks for the info! I am excited! I can't wait to get a new pacifier!

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    I am totally going to try those out when they go up for sale. I go through a ton of pacifiers because the latex is porous and I use mine all the time so it degrades very easily. I am glad to see they are designing it them selves. Pacifiers R Us simply uses the regular mouth guard and that causes some inflating issues with the nipple. It was very frustrating when I tried theirs. So we will see how the Baby-pants one turns out.

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    Sounds awesome! Cannot wait!

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    Love the monkey pic binkygirl!

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