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Thread: Could You Stop?

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    Default Could You Stop?

    I mean, is it really possible to stop being an infantilist? I'm talking, cold turkey, purge and never even have so much as an after thought about it? For me, it is what it is, I enjoy it and if I ever got tired of it, then so be it.

    I won't lie though, I probably think about this more than my fair share's worth and even now in my 30s, I still fantasize about ether living openly or being 24/7.

    I honestly think sometimes I wish I could stop and just give this up. Problem is, how does one stop, if you don't even understand how it got started in the first place?

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    I'm really just a DL, i have gone though long periods before without them, but in the last couple of years, i have got to used to them so i think it would be really hard for me to stop

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    Possible? I'm sure it's possible that someone might really give it up. By that, I mean stop acting on it and eventually losing the desire. However, from personal experience and anecdotal evidence from this and other ABDL communities, it seems very unlikely and generally strewn with frustration and anguish going down the path of trying to kill it.

    The other path, the acceptance path, has been so much more fruitful for me. I put in a lot of time hating my desire and myself for having it but my life and outlook have improved since really embracing it. I don't need to know where it comes from to find enjoyment in it.

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    if i had the choice between dealing with for the rest of my life or getting rid of it. I personally would stay with it im perfectly happy with the acceptance of my ab/dlism. My friend i have from high school accepts me as a ab dl and allows me to act apon my ab side around him and he finds stuff i do with ab very interesting

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    Mmmmmm, I've been ab/DL/lg now for about 30 years, I've often told myself, I've got to stop, I've even thrown all my items out, diapers, plastic, undies, dresses, the lot, but I only last about 4 weeks, then back to my favourite store. It's scary and I know that one day, all he'll is going to break loose, but, I'm still diapered, and wearing my favourite clothes,

    One day, I'll do it, but not today

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    I don't believe that an ingrained fetish can be truly removed. I believe it is possible to survive being removed from the fetish, but the want and will will always be there.

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    I suppose if I was put in a group home, or some sort of institution, I could quit, but in my head, I would be regressing, and I would desperately want to wear a diaper. I'm glad I don't have to quit.

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    I don't think I could quit this is who I am

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    It would be like wanting a cure for autism; it would give me the universe's secrets of eye contact, body language and social cues at the expense of my abilities to pick up an instrument or tool and learn in minutes what it takes neurotypicals years to accomplish

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowwolfpup View Post
    I don't think I could quit this is who I am
    I agree that this is an integral part of a person's identity, I believe it's as deep-rooted as something like sexuality. To lose something that deep-seated I think is possible but only with the kind of damage that would damage one's whole identity. Alzheimers, for instance, or other severe dementia; or other brain injury or disease, possibly psychological shock. Something severe at any rate. I have known schizophrenics, whose medications removed or diminished a huge side of their personality. That's maybe one way a person's ab or dl side could be diminished to the point of no longer noticing it. I imagine some have tried hypnosis but I have never heard of it working.

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