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Thread: Pullups vs Adjustable Tapes?

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    Default Pullups vs Adjustable Tapes?

    So...would you rather have diapers that are Pullups/Fitted Underwear, or ones with Adjustable Tapes?

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    I would rather have adjustable tapes, but at this point it doesn't really matter. Since I don't really have any experiences, I guess I will have to wait to see if my answer changes.

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    I love pull-ups because they are cute, but that's more because of goodnites. In general I'm going to say adjustable tapes simply because I often need to take the diaper off and on for the washroom, but still want the extra absorbancy and leak protection of a brief. If adult pull-ups had the same cuteness appeal as the kids ones, I'd go for them, but they're pretty ugly in comparison to the difference between kids diapers and adult briefs.

    Basically if I could fit in any diaper and choose between pull-ups and regular adjustable tab diapers it would be pull-ups for kids ones, but the other way for adult diapers....

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    I'd prefer having the adjustable tapes, though I would generally prefer regular tape on diapers, there are times when pull ups are what I'll wear for a variety of reasons. However, the best store bought pullup that I have found does not have the adjustable tapes so I generally just use the regular pullup style.

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    Tapes - my TB side is too young for pull ups, and most of them suck big time. Unfortunately, pull ups is all I can get. It wouldn't be as bad if I were skinny and could fit in drynites - at least they are cute - but I can only get adult ones and they really aren't that good. They leak really easily, and they just don't feel right. Been as I got drynites around when I was 12 or 13 my DL side is more interested in pull ups then tape up ones, but I am mainly TB, with DL just being a little extra, so yeah, I definitely prefer tapes.

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    I would go for pull-ups if there were bigger ones with designs and actually held a decent amount. but there aren't. so i marked Tapes.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The big gripe I have with pullups is that you have to take off your shoes and pants in order to change your diaper.

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    I prefer the feel, absorbency, and look of adjustable tape diapers.
    Though I have a ton of pullups which I (accidentally) bought the last time I went to get diapers, so I guess they are okay as well.

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    I like adjustable ones, I dunno if its just me or its the pullups but I think they don't absorb as much as adjustable ones.

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