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Thread: Diapered on a Sunday Morning.

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    Default Diapered on a Sunday Morning.

    Well folks,

    Here in the UK it is a drizzly cold, wet and windy morning. Gloomy outside and the weather is disgusting as it usual is.

    But here I am, with my brand new cosy onesie, in a snuggly warm diaper, slouched in front of my television set eating a bacon sandwich. The girlfriend is at work, as are all of my friends working the dreaded sunday shift. Ah good old guilty pleasures.

    No one to tell me what to do, no e-mails to answer, no phone calls to make. All of the housework was done yesterday and the washing is done too.

    Thank goodness for diapered Sunday mornings.

    How are my fellow ADISC'ers spending their Sunday mornings?

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    I've got a decently wet goodnite on, room for a little bit more for when I wake up. I like wearing it wet as it swells up alot and feels awesome.

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    I'm snuggled up underneath my duvet with some plushies and my laptop, wearing my usual winter night attire of a diaper and a sleeper. It's great to be all warm and cosy while listening to the rain pounding on the windows!

    The big question is - what time is it acceptable to wake my daddy up?

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    I just got up and still in my wet cloth AIO. Drinking my coffee and took my meds. The weather is blah as it is foggy with more rain on the way.

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    Overcast and threatening rain here. Not diapered this morning, but was yesterday morning. Still in bed surfing the interwebs.


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    It's a sunny, Sunday morning here and it's a long Thanksgiving weekend. The Sunday morning ritual begins of making coffee, stepping out to get the newspaper, listening to a little music before I head out for my run along the canal (the hardest part is getting dressed to get the paper after being in just a diaper since last night!).

    Sunday morning is the most relaxing time of the week for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RouteLeader View Post
    How are my fellow ADISC'ers spending their Sunday mornings?
    Last night, I ran around the house carefully cracking windows open a bit in a few rooms, so as to drop the temp in the house to around 60-65 overnight, for best sleeping.

    Having drank quite a bit before bed, I taped myself into a fresh bambino bianco. After considering fleece jammies, I decided to just bare-diaper it, and crawled into bed with a warm kitty. Nature called at least four times. And when nature calls at night, I let it go to voice mail.

    Needless to say, needed a change by morning. Cleaned up and in a wellness for the day. Closed the windows up to let the temp in the house recover for the day, I'm in sweat pants, a large white tshirt, and a sweatshirt till it warms up more in here. Got some donuts and milk to deal with right now, and will be helping a friend with some tower work this afternoon. Gonna be a little chilly, I hope it's not too windy. I don't mind the wind itself, but that will make it chillier up in the air like that.

    But for now it's just the donuts and some internet stuff to do.

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    I Leaked a little, no biggie I can clean it up

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    I too was diapered this morning, but living with family means changing back to big girl underwear for the day. Finishing up my usual internet time now, and have to do laundry.

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