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Thread: I'm hosting a small gathering for AB/Dls soon, advice thread?

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    Default I'm hosting a small gathering for AB/Dls soon, advice thread?

    Title of the thread should summarize it well enough but yeah, this coming Friday I will be inviting members of my local community to gather in my home. These activities don't normally get to happen in my city here and I'm trying to do my part to help change that. Besides my living room space and two tvs to work with, I don't have much. So I'm wondering what the community here thinks about what they'd like to see at a diaper party. I'm sure we'll have good conversation but I'm shy and this is all new to us, so what would you guys do in this situation? How can I keep us entertained?

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    It's a smaller world that I expected...

    My view of a good diaper party is probably one focused on common interests outside of AB/DL, much like any other social gathering that friends would go to. So try finding something in common within the group because making it just a "diaper party" would not be too fun.

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    Is it going to be mainly an AB party, mainly a DL party or a little bit of both? I ask because it actually makes a lot of difference.

    If you host an event for AB's, people will expect to be able to let out their little self when they're there. Ideally that means playing with toys, coloring, or at the very least put down some mattresses so the little ones have a soft place to lie down, cuddle with each other and play with the own toys they're bringing. 'Toys', by the way, don't have to be expensive or complicated; I once had tons of fun with a huge pillow fight on an AB meeting. =P But try to imagine an actual daycare and think about how little kids are enjoying themselves there. Also if you have a tv, some children's movies would be nice; Disney classics always work, but trying something different doesn't hurt either. If there's a person who is willing to play the role of caretaker, make sure you have some children's books available. All AB's I have ever met love to be read a story to For musical suggestions, there are several threads on this forum for that, for example this one, but try to go back in time a bit further to find more ideas!

    An event for DL's will be much less centered on the hobby you have in common, because wearing diapers isn't really an activity. Of course you can talk about diapers, but that will get old quick. Try to find out what most other people like to do. For example, I love playing board or card games, but also video games. But if the people you invite don't really care much for gaming, you'd have to think or something else you have in common. If a lot of them are into model trains or stamp collecting or whatever, you can do something with that. Also, does it have to be in your house? Because if you don't really need to do anything diaper-related specifically, you could also just go out to go bowling, play laser tag, or whatever comes to mind.

    Also, how well do you know all the people? Are they all friends of yours, are they people you only know from online chat or from earlier meetings? If you're all friends, just sitting together and talking, drinking from your baby bottles (if more AB-centered) or drinking beer (if more DL-centered) together is already going to be loads of fun no matter what. But if they're all pretty much strangers to you and/or each other, then you're going to have to put in more effort to prevent awkward silences and stuff like that. You'd want to make sure people get to know each other better, and that they're having a good time... which can be pretty hard and tiring and disrupting you from having a good time yourself.

    Anyway, I hope it's going to be a success I wish you the best of luck!

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    Oh, I forgot something important, relevant to both AB and DL parties. Make sure you have a place where people can change themselves, a way to dispose of all the trash, and maybe a pack of spare diapers in case people run short and/or don't have access to their own diapers.

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    May be not a good idea,it's my feeling that's it.

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    If your guests are coming "ready" a covered entrance of sorta may be needed.

    And, if your party is outside at all make sure it's not viewable to others.

    Lastly, if it's getting later at nite...keep the ruckus down, it wouldn't be fun for the cops to show up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottdrayton View Post
    May be not a good idea,it's my feeling that's it.
    Well, there are always risks involved, but the reward certainly makes up for it. Besides, someone has to do it.

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    Lock the door. And hope they don't have blasters.

    I am in a position similar to the OP wherein I might want to host a get-together soon. It kind of falls to me because of everyone I know locally, my house is the biggest and best-suited for a gathering out of everyone in the group that may attend. If my plan goes off as I hope, there will be:

    1. Movies.
    2. Food and snacks. Maybe something kiddish like juice boxes or hugs, and candy.
    3. Lots of area for littles to lay down and relax.
    4. A place where diapers can be changed, of course, some powder and skin protectant, and a pail for disposal.
    5. I like the idea of story-time. Some coloring books and toys too.
    6. Pillows and blankets for naptime. Oh yes, littles love napping.

    Aside of that, there may be a time when we're not all in little mode. I've been to a munch, but not so much a full-on AB party. I'm just sort of guessing at what I would like in a party. Also, depending on the season/weather and privacy, there could be outside time too. Unfortunately, though my yard is big, it's not secluded and there's no privacy fence, so, we're indoors if we have it here.

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    I myself haven't been to specific ab parties since like 1990...

    I do host parties or get togethers for bands and such quite often, largest of which was nearly 300 worked out great, plenty of food, and live music from the featured band, plus lots of guest appearances by some rather famous people and acts from all over the us...only one from over the pond...

    Anyhow, I've often thought of getting out to meet more ab/dl's in my area, and possibly have a gathering, my place was built for parties...large areas for entertaining, two kitchens, theater, etc...

    But, I'm just not able to get out enough ... I rarely drive more then to the local store...

    Maybe someday...I'm just still inthe process of moving my ex out...but that should be done shortly...

    Back on topic...

    You need some fun games too...and little/adult games are the best...

    Say twister...or just a bounce house...bean bag toss...even dunking for apples...

    Just silly games...or even ab/dl random drawing for diaper changing...or drawing for bottle of booze...or even feeding time...

    A few of those I was involved with in Chicago...really fun!

    The twister is easy...Bean bag toss...dunking for apples...
    Bounce house...if private enough...
    I had a great time with getting name was drawn, buckled into a high chair, and another name was drawn for wasn't easy to not become messy, serious fun! The pulled names every hour or so, seeing how quick you can feed the baby...I and the random other person weren't even close...

    I went with my gf then, about 6-7 gatherings...all were fun...but on my first one...already nervous...I was the first baby picked for a random was very odd at the time...but later it was gf held my hand durring...she could tell I was just about to either freak out, or start crying...

    The booze bottles were sorta fun too...we would be playing darts...looser has to drink a booze bottle...just like college if you loose you do a shot, but here it's coviently packaged to not spill a drop

    There was also always an area for changing...the best one had just taken a room...covered the floor with the colorful rubber mats from homedepot and alike...had a few privacy foldable screens in there and near the door the garbage and some powder and rash creams...

    As a side note, I'm sure most guests will come with just about everything they need...but, all the ones I was at everyone checked in and stated diapers and sizes, other goodies, names, any medical issues, allergies...but next to the supplies there was a box that said something like willing to loan items...I think the point was are you supplied and if you spare an extra for someone that ran short...I personally don't need a loaned diaper back myself!

    Not a huge deal, but you should just for cya! Have everyone sign a release when they arrive.


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