Lately I've been thinking about what makes me an AB as I think more and more about my feelings. I think about what makes me an AB in general. First off; it is a desire to be little again and to forgo adulthood at times as adulthood can be vey rough on me sometimes.

I have certain ways I cope with my AB side, especially if I don't have diapers- for example I take my whale Dee Dee and my blankie to bed with me every night or day- whenever I sleep- and I also bring her into the living room every day and let her lay on the couch as I go about my day. The usage of baby bottles is something I do often. Sometimes I take one with me to bed or just use one if I am in a mood.

I'll lay on my couch with my whale and my blankie- suck my thumb as I watch my TV shows, football, baseball or whatever it is that strikes my fancy at the moment.

It can be difficult sometimes but I've been thinking about what makes me an AB and why I am one in a lot of ways. I don't want to go into a lot of the personal details as of yet but suffice to say I have felt AB feelings for a long time and I've been learning that the AB side is a part of mine that I need to learn to deal with.

So, I wanted to ask my fellow ADISC members a question. What makes YOU an AB; what defines you with your AB feelings and makes you feel little with AB feelings? Is it the diapers, is it the baby toys, cartoons, etc- or what?