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Thread: My Brother Knows About Diaper Usage ?

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    Default My Brother Knows About Diaper Usage ?

    Hello everyone. I have been on this site awhile, and I want to get all of your opinions on a incident that occurred today.
    About a month ago, my brother walked in on me sucking on a pacifier. I thought I had ripped it out of my mouth fast enough for him not to see it.
    Apparently not, because today I was complaining about something and he told me I was overreacting and being childish. He then proceeded to say "Connor go suck on your baby pacifier and go poop in a diaper."
    It really caught me off guard and I think he knows.
    I really have no idea what to do.
    Do I follow up on this ? Do I ask my younger brother If he knows I wear diapers ? Do I then talk to him about it, ask him If he's okay with it or if it bothers him ?
    I appreciate all of everyone's input and feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorFilmBoy View Post
    Do I follow up on this ? Do I ask my younger brother If he knows I wear diapers ? Do I then talk to him about it, ask him If he's okay with it or if it bothers him ?
    I appreciate all of everyone's input and feedback.
    My first thought is... he has no idea, he just saw the pacifier...which you could say was anything at all... Or not say anything...
    I think the reference to diapers, was a general 'baby' reference... (pacifier=baby) baby=diapers, etc.) (whining="don't be a baby")baby=recollection of your pacifier incident)

    I also think, that you would know if he was troubled by it...I get the impression, that he doesn't care about the just gave him it out slowly, and try not to get paranoid, and self-conscious...that will only call attention to there being something to discover...

    On the other hand...if your aim, is of the belief that you, and your family needs to could work it in over time...I wouldn't 'bomb' drop it...either way...

    Best to you...

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    I agree with Marka in that your brother was probably using the diaper reference as a general extension to the comment about being a "baby". I also think Marka was right about the reference to the pacifier.

    I suggest just ignoring it. Don't bring the topic up and see what happens (or doesn't).

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    one good thing about this particular ... let's just call it "interest" is that ppl don't believe it. I say don't worry about it because even if he tells your parents they probably won't believe him, but lay low for a few days consider hiding your diapers outside the house or getting rid of the ones you have if you're getting paranoid but like I said doubt anything will come of it.

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    I might just be rehashing info, but I would say hold back on the paci for a bit and keep the diapers well hidden. I would't get rid of then though because You will regreat that later on down the road (I speek from experinece). My twin sister once walked in on me wile I was wearing a diaper and she once hinted it to my mom! She didn't get the hint and she is the only family member who knows.

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    Well it looks like the cat is out of the bag as far as staying completely closeted with your brother is concerned. I have no idea of your situation personally of course but my guess would be that the pacifier reference means he knows for sure. However I'd hold off with any further confrontation, just in case this is just one isolated incident. If it isn't and he knows, in my opinion you can take two different routes:

    1. Deny and seclude - The preferred option if he has little evidence of your little activities. I would just avoid any conversation with him about it at all. I'd quickly change the subject and brush off any baby jokes as if they're just another casual insult. Understand that you are on thin ice and try your best to not take any high risk activities like this again for a good while.


    2. Confront - If it seems likely that he's seen your paci very clearly and maybe has noticed a crinkle and bulge in your step or a funny odor in your room all too often then perhaps you should make it clear with this alternative lifestyle means to you. Expressing emotions between boys is usually something that doesn't happen easily but if you want him to respect your weird side, you should probably make an emotional appeal to him. Let him know that these jokes deeply bother you and hurt you. Be sure to also assert that you are still a relatively regular guy and would love more than anything to continue these behaviors with complete privacy. Set some very clear boundaries of privacy. Perhaps get him to confide in a weird interest or fetish of his own at the same time. That way it becomes a bonding experience between the two of you.

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    I'd hold back on saying anything for now, sine you really don't know how much he knows or if he really does know. If he makes more comments that are similar, then you could address it at with him at that time.

    I agree that the diaper reference could have been related to seeing a paci or it's also possible the comment just came out of the blue. He may have thought he saw a paci but wasn't sure so the comments could be made to bait you to get confirmation, so for now the best advice is to deny, deny, deny!

    It reminds me of the time my friend made several comments about wearing adult diapers leading me to suspect she was ABDL. After hearing her comments several times I opened up to her about me being a DL, assuming she would also confess to having the same fetish. It turned out I was dead wrong about my interpretation of her comments and she wasn't ABDL at all. I should have just kept my mouth shut! Lesson learned.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    I would let it lay and not bring it up again. I would also see how it progresses with your brother and not knowing the age difference between the two of you
    if you can confide in him.

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    Supporting what others have said here, just try to ignore the comment and try not to make a big deal about it. Eventually, he'd hopefully forget about it or move on.

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    If you do not mind I am more interested in the part about you complaining that led him to call you childish. what were you complaining about?

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