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Thread: smartphone picks

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    Question smartphone picks

    i want to buy my very first smartphone, (yes i know i lag behind but daddy is still very upset, he wants me to get a teddy phone)
    soo i need help, i don't know how much i tand to brake my phones, since i allways had simple nokias, and the fell and smashed lots of time for me, only to be reasmbled and work just fine after that, soo im much more gentel with phones now but i still can drop them like small hights and staff, i also wants to run my little pony game on it and store games and vids, and also watch shows online, soo i got my eyes set on the new lg g2 32g, and i want to know if you like it, also you can give me your seggestion on what i should get, simple rules, it got to use sim card,(israel) no apple (i hate them) and you can by it from a shop, not from a service provider, soo sadly the casio gz'one are out, also no phones that break very easly, the ones that shatter on sight, soo what you think? should i get a lg g2, or something else?

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    I have a Nokia Lumia 928 and its extremely durable. I know Nokia has a better presence in Europe. They have lots of strong smart phones.

    Take a look at this

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    nokia if fine, i got a nokia c2-01 now, but i heard the lumia is #1, easy to brake and #2 shity cuse it uses windows 8 wich isn't for phones, also it can't run the my little pony game, wich is why i want a new phone, soo again, only phones with andruid that can run the my little pony free game, i saw i havn't told this last time

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    Is the HTC One SV available in your area? Dual core processor so nice and fast, runs Android Jelly Bean, 4.3 inch screen that hasn't shattered after my abuse, ARMv7 processor so will play the MLP game you want, 4G LTE so high speed data, good battery life... And its just really good value for money. Not too expensive.

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    i will cheak it out, funny no one talked on the lg g2, maybe i need to give a link
    LG G2 - Full phone specifications
    have fun looking at it before talking on other phones, i will look at the HTC now

    - - - Updated - - -

    i saw the htc, is got 1/2 as ram from the lg, only 8 gb hard disk and its battry is almost half the power, but its realy cheep, i would think on it

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    Not sure if this is available in your country, but I would suggest waiting for the next generation of Nexus phones, because I believe they are simply the best: they come with the 'purest' version (the Google version) of Android, quick upgrades to new Android versions (although the update for my Nexus 10 actually came a week late) and they're cheap.

    The last-gen (Nexus 4) is sold out, but there is an upcoming Nexus 5 rumored to sell for US$299 (399 for 32GB)

    See what is known here here.
    Here are the display/processor/mem specs for quick reference "4.95-inch 1080p IPS screen and a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2GB of RAM ." taken from here.

    Also, sorry if the device is not available where you live... It comes unlocked and uses SIM, but it just isn't available in Israel (at least on launch day).
    Maybe you can find it in places other than Google, but then you would have to be patient for them to get to market elsewhere.

    I'd say Galaxy phones are also at the top, and are easily available. Even a Galaxy S III is a good phone in today's standards.

    Then again, go for what you want and what works for you!
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    No, I didn't mention the LG because they aren't very good.

    The LG G2 on paper is nice, and also looks like they stolen some of Samsung's ideas from the GS4. Problem is they are expensive for what you get, build quality isn't great, LG don't really do Android updates, and the UI they install onto their phones is a real memory hog which will slow you down at times.

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    I've got an iPhone, and honestly, it's way too overprice for what you get, and a battery life that only lasts a day. Stick with Androids.

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    well it turns out i will start with the nexus 4, wich btw paddedpuppy is lg, maybe i will update in a few more years, if you see any need to keep this open im fine with it, but i got my phone, soo you can closed this

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyyoni View Post
    well it turns out i will start with the nexus 4, wich btw paddedpuppy is lg, maybe i will update in a few more years, if you see any need to keep this open im fine with it, but i got my phone, soo you can closed this
    I don't have a problem with the Nexus range. Google have standards that LG have to meet, for example pushing out software updates rapidly, and providing the user with an experience of untouched Android. They are fine. Its when you are using a phone that only LG influenced that you will sometimes have problems.

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