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Thread: what happen good quality plastic back

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    Default what happen good quality plastic back

    I used love wear plastic back special make feel more protected however lately it seem all the plastic back diapers are crap on like diaper absorbency paired to cloth backs. I mean is the diaper company make less quality plastic back diaper to make everyone switch to them. I mean don't get me wrong there still some good plastic back diaper out there but too few many left wore buying still on the market.

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    I have to say Attends fall in this category. I use them for my day time diapers and now they start to leak on me. I used the Attends with waist bands or six tapes. I do miss the old Attends with the blue tapes. Those were way better than todays Attends. Now I am looking for another good day time diaper.

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    As with anything sold at a block and mortar store, they want to cut costs...more profit...

    I think this is more at play than any conspiracy to get people to switch...

    The main premium diapers ate still plastic, and that is good...


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