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Thread: Google or Bing -- blind test -- which is better?

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    Question Google or Bing -- blind test -- which is better?

    I just saw a post on another forum where the OP said that they'd recently tried using the Bing search engine and found it to be much better than Google. I was surprised -- I tried Bing a few times and just didn't get as many "good" results.

    Anyway, Microsoft have set up a site where you can "blindly" compare Bing and Google results side-by-side to see which you prefer. You just run five web searches and compare the results, saying which (if either) you prefer.

    Bing It On - Take the Bing versus Google Challenge. Would you bet against Bing?

    MS claim that most people prefer Bing (well, they would!) but I tried it and Google won every time! Bing seems okay-ish for simple one-word queries but made a right mess of multiple word searches with ANDs and ORs.

    So, I was just curious -- if you visit the site above and test the differences yourself, which search engine comes out tops? Vote now!

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    I'm a google girl through and through, but my new phone has a built in search with bing. I find it quite handy because it's got music searches (where it listens to the music) and reverse image searches, and they seem to be a lot better than google.

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    Ok I have some insight in this. I'm huge into the Microsoft camp but I hate bing.

    Microsoft claims that bing is better because they have more search results than Google. Google responded by removing all of the links to viruses and harmful content and reducing the number well below google. As far as I know Microsoft has yet to respond.

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    Siri runs with Bing. My computer uses Google for the most part. So I use both rather often. I don't have a preference overall. Only in looks.
    I'm surprised there isn't an app that does side-by-side searches on its own.

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    Bing won all my searches, but I still prefer Google.

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    First off do you notice that Bing for claming to be better then google, makes itself look almost exactly like google... I am and always will be a Google person. I just find it a better overall search engine

    As for more people prefering bing, I think its just microsoft blowing smoke. after all does anyone know what Bing stands for? Because Its Not Google lolz

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    I did the test, and I had Google 3 Bing 2. I prefer Google because it looks nicer I think.

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    Bing hijacked my desktop computer and I can't get rid of it. It also tacks on the same tacky adds that Babylon does, much like a virus. My laptop got hijacked by Babylon when I clicked on our local weather report. They either say you need to download (buy) their "clean computer" software, or "Obama will be Ousted" or other such nonsense.

    As far as I'm concerned, Bing is much like a virus as is Babylon. They attach to the registry against the owners' will. If that isn't a virus, what is?

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    Well that went as expected, Bing lost all but one, on short simple terms I was given links to forums vs ebay for google. However as soon as I threw it more complicated strings it gave me a lot more irrelevant material. Whereas good old Google gave me more what I was looking for and a good spread of info on the first page, especially with medical terms - Google has outsmarted the NHS many times!! Here's my results so you can see what I am talking about.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    First try Bing won by double the results, second time Google won, by 7 times the results, kind of depends what you search for it looks like... still a Google user, everyday!

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