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Thread: A lesson that can be learned.

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    Default A lesson that can be learned.

    I have realized I made a mistake that can lead me to embarrassment. I have 'tab' and saved this forum and named it 'tech Spec'. Then I saved it in my 'Science tab' folder and I have not clean or delete all my browsing data in my macbook. Thus today my classmate of mine borrowed my macbook to research on the subjects that we needed to write on our essays. My biggest concern or fear is the possibility of my classmate stumbling upon this forum, other forums and websites that sells diapers.

    The outcome of that scenario are catastrophic if that scenario occur to me.

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    Dang, well that is stressful. Since you can't do much about it now, you should probably try not to worry about it since there isn't anything you can do. Plus, unless they are still pretty immature, they probably won't make much of a deal about it if they found out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    Plus, unless they are still pretty immature, they probably won't make much of a deal about it if they found out.
    I second this. My friends and SO's in the past have stumbled on sites and stashes and they usually never mentioned it to me. Hell, i've had my younger brother and younger cousins find my stash by accident while i was out with friends and no one ever asked me about it. I've come to realize that most people/friends want to avoid an awkward situation as much as you do lol

    In my experience, if a friend does bring it up and asks me about it, its because they're curious and want to know more :P but otherwise they tend to avoid it.

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    In the future if you're loaning your laptop to a friend I recommend replacing your normal browser with an alternative so they use that and don't find your secrets. If you enjoy using chrome make different user accounts and switch the one that you're logged into. They can remember different sets of bookmarks and passwords which helps.

    All of that said keeping a PC for personal use goes a long way. :p

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    What I do, I order everything using internet explorer. Never been concerned, ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyEmilyLG View Post
    I've come to realize that most people/friends want to avoid an awkward situation as much as you do lol
    My feelings exactly, I think people don't know how to go about talking to others about this kind of stuff, so they don't want to look stupid, so they just act like nothing happened. I've been noticing this about people that come by my apartment. Some roomates and friends when they talk to me in my room say nothing about the fact that i have a lot of babyish things laying around my room because i have just come to the point that i would like to feel comfortable in my room, so i don't hide things that much anymore.

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    I didn't know how to delete search history so I was always really paranoid, I know your fear.

    what I do is that I'm really careful with deleting search history when I'm on someone else computer and I sign out of my gmail if someone could get on mine

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    My main browser is Google Chrome. I do use Firefox or Mac's Safari but those are my secondary browser. Thus it is an "oh ****" moment when I realized that I have not deleted my browsing history and I have this forum named 'tech spec' and I save it under my 'science tab' folder. Which is a mistake I make, my rationale was who is going to snoop around my 'bookmarks'.

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    You may be okay if the borrower is the kind of person who respects other people's privacy. That's just computer etiquette, and a lot of people possess that quality. If it was me, I would be so tunnel visioned on the assignment, that I wouldn't even think about snooping.

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    I live alone, but my laptop and desktop computers still have passwords just to start. At home, I have a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for all my files, so each computer has minimal files. I also have several computer programs that will clear various 'history' and other areas of computer memory, if I decided I need it and I know how to delete history links from IE and Windows.

    Of course, every person’s set-up and needs are different, but I bring this up to show that the time to think about this stuff is BEFORE it happens. It takes just a little time to learn to clear the history links and a little time to clear the links.

    As is said: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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