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Thread: Cloth for night time

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    Default Cloth for night time

    Hi Everyone,
    I am having more and more problems with leaks at night. I am a quite a heavy wetter and have used Abena M4 for some time. Either I am wetting more, sleeping on my side more or the M4s aren't as good as they used to be. Anyway upshot is that there have been some pretty bad leaks recently.

    I have tried plastic pants over the M4 but as they don't absorb all they really do is lessen or divert the leak -- result is still wet sheets and mattress.

    I have never liked the idea or the extra work with cloth, but wondering if I should give them a try. Any ideas about what I could get? I am rather put off the idea of all that folding and pinning like an old fashioned baby nappy. And what plastic pants do people recommend?

    By the way I am in UK.


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    Are you using a booster pad as well?
    I do in a molicare super plus at night or I have the same problem

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    No I don't use a booster. I am not sure it would help as the problem seems to be one of leaking out of the side rater than capacity

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    I wear cloth AIO's for overnight use. I have yet to have a leak. I get mine from Dependeco here in the US.

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    I think you need to find something that fits better.

    Try Tena Slip Maxi, Molicare Super Plus and Attens M10 Special Care. All available in UK and about same as absorbency.

    They all have a slightly different fit, so you just have to find one that works for you with no leaks.

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    These will prevent leaks. Up to you if you want to make the switch.

    LeakMaster Adult Prefold Cloth Diapers - Night Time Thickness

    High Back

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    Cloth diapers are good for night time because you can increase capacity by increasing the layers off cloth diapers by more pre-folds, or boosters. You also wear plastic pants that seal the diaper around your entire diapered section with no two sides open for leaks. Not only that but the entire cloth diaper is absorbent and allow for side sleeping. No disposables have padding all the way into the wings and liquid well flow to the lowest point of gravity unless it is absorbed.

    Cloth diapers might involve more chores and work but vs disposables, they actually save you money and pay for themselves when you need some extra money. Disposables are used and thrown away and you buy more. You are quite limited with them. Cloth can be adjusted to fit your needs.

    I would say to go ahead and buy a few with plastic pants. It will cost you up to a couple hundreds. The more you buy the less work of course.

    It doesn't hurt to give a trial.

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    I've been wearing at nite for 41 years...

    My best advise without going to IMHO many layers for cloth...

    Use your l4 or molicare or whatever fits good...

    Then use a diaper cover, here is the trick....

    You need something absorbent between your diaper and the cover...just put on a pair of underwear...

    I wear some just regular briefs...they will soak up the small leaks and keep it from getting on the bed...

    I toss and turn all nite...especially with my misc injuries now...

    My routine, is molicare, pair of cotton briefs, and nylon diaper cover..
    No leaks this year....


    P.s. the briefs seem to keep the diapering place too...

    I usually wear a onesie for warmth...cover are usually thrown off at some point...or footies in cold weather...but, those don't get wet either....

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    I've been wearing cloth at night for about 20 years and it's the one setup that I rarely have leaks or worry about leaks. However, if you are averse to trying cloth (and I would recommend flannel or gauze prefolds with a booster layer), then here are some other things you might try.

    Wear a disposable booster like the Abena Abri-let within a high quality disposable. Or, in addition, add plastic pants with a liner. The liner is crucial because, as you found out, plastic pants do not contain a full leak. However, a liner will absorb any leaks before getting outside your pants. When I'm away from home, I wear rubber pants with a flannel liner over a disposable. This gives me the extra confidence that I will not experience a leak. Lastly, watch your fluid intake about two hours prior to bedtime. I'm usually dehydrated in the evening and, therefore, drink water. However, I know I can't drink too much because I've experienced leaks even with a thick flannel diaper with two booster pads and plastic pants. Meaning no diaper is immune to leaks, but some are going to be better at night than others.

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    In my opinion, cloth is far superior to disposables for overnight use - better overall absorbency; easy to custom fit to your needs my varying the layers; real absorbency on the sides; more cost efficient in the long run; and environmentally sustainable. Just make sure your plastic pants, or other type of diaper cover, completely covers all the cloth otherwise you will get wicking leaks (moisture seeps or wicks from wet areas of cloth to dry ones). It might take a little trial and error to get the right combination for you, but will be worth it in the long run.

    P.S. - My favorite diaper is the cotton twill prefold from Changing Times diaper co. Changing Times Diaper Company Although they require folding and pinning, they are an excellent product and are sold for a very reasonable price.

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