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Thread: looking for a good daytime alternative

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    Default looking for a good daytime alternative

    I have been diagnosed with an MS and OAB for over a year now which results in painful spams if I cannot visit a toilet within a few minutes. I already tried different medications (Vesicare, Toviaz, Emselex, Myrbetriq/Betmiga) without signs of improvement and according to my urologist, Botox and similar treatments would be the next step. I don't want to go that far (yet) as I generally only have issues if I'm on the road (traffic jams or unknown areas) In this case, I already made some questionable maneuvers to find a spot. This made me decide to wear and use protection, if really necessary, which is currently around once a week.
    As I want this protection to be as discreet, comfortable and reliable as possible, I tried the whole range of products. I went from bad experiences (pads and 'male' inserts) to very good ones (diapers, but high raise & bulky). Thus far, I'm quite satisfied of a Goodnites alternative (sorry, dutch/french only: Kruidvat - Baby - Luiers - Assortiment) which tend to be a little bigger, have a modest elastic waistband, disappear completely under my boxers and don't tear open at all. On the downside, they are quite stiff and even they didn't leak thus far, tend not to absorb quick enough to get the real reliability I'm looking for.
    Hence my question: who knows an European product (diaper or pull-up) that is similar to a Goodnite regarding to size/height, but can take a 'bit' more? The small sizes of Tena/Molicare slips are too small but have the right height, similar pull-ups raise too high but are perfect in size.

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    Cannabis has been shown to be effective in slowing the advance of MS and alleviating or reducing some of the signs and symptoms. I am not making any sort of medical or legal recommendation. I am merely suggesting that you may want to consider researching the affects of cannabis on MS and discuss it with a doctor. I hope that you find a treatment that works for you and wish you the best of luck. ~E

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    I use tena Flex Supers in the daytime. They're discreet but still suffciently absorbent and they're very easy and quick to change, even standing up, no need to lean on a wall. The waist is lower than a normal slip and will be completely covered by boxers.

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    I've fallen in love with Fitright Ultra. Might be worth sampling.

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