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Thread: Will we or won't we- Will the US default?

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    Default Will we or won't we- Will the US default?

    Will the US default on it's loans on the 17th or will a deal be in place... I am hoping that both parties can put aside their grandstanding, rhetoric and blustering to make a deal for the good of the US and its' people. I do not like the idea of the default as I do live on public assistance- not by choice but because of disability reasons.

    Last time we almost defaulted I got lucky because my aunt gave my sisters and I some money from her retirement buy-out so I'd had money just in case. This time around I don't know if I will be as lucky because last year my aunt had to help me with moving expenses when I had to move to another apartment.

    SO to put it bluntly: I'm nervous and a bit on edge. I'm also tired of this BS in Washington and that both parties are acting like petulant children and not willing to work together. It's like a giant game of recess arguments by both sides (recess argument is what I always called it when two groups would argue on the playground during recess...) and I'm sick of it.

    Not sure what I will do if the US defaults... I know I am not alone on that- my parents can't help me as they are retired and on Social Security. My sisters wouldn't be able to help me- so I'm hoping for the best. I also doubt my friends would be able to help me either. Its a giant catch-22 if you ask me.

    This dysfunction in Washington has to stop. The problems caused by some radical Republicans and inexperienced tea-partiers has caused enough problems. It is time for a change- and I for one will be voting the tea-partiers out next year. 2014 can't come soon enough if you ask me...

    I already feel like Oliver Twist right now and I don't want to feel that way if I have to ask my aunt for money if we default... I don't want to ask her for help because that's the last thing I want to do. I'm really tired of this. I just wish both parties would put their petty differences aside and work for the good of the country rather than what their lobbyists, millionaire donors, corporate backers want them to do.


    The whole sick thing about this is that I have some friends who are ACTUALLY CHEERING FOR THE DEFAULT; because they want the US to collapse.

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    the thing about national debt that most people dont understand... is that without it money would literally have no value.. you think we're still using the gold standard? its all credit now

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    well all i can do is suggest that above all else that we remain calm. what we do NOT need is a lot of political arguing right now and more fear.

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    To state that this topic is like the shutdown is different; this is about something entirely different. The default to me is a different subject matter entirely than the shutdown. The default was to my eyes, a different topic deserving of it's own and not related to the shutdown. I just felt that it was deserving it's own thread because of the fact I don't see it as the same thing.

    I was aware of the shutdown thread; this was about the default and not the shutdown which are two separate situations and not the same thing. I guess I was wrong on that...


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    ^^ Oh, don't worry, I got that. My response was intended for the conversation around default. I realize it's total conspiracy theory, but I fully believe the far-right Republicans are hell-bent on destroying the current system and fomenting a revolution (one they think they can win, I'd presume, based on all the bunker and prepper and doomsday shows on the air and how they've been stockpiling weapons for years now). Congressional Republicans are at the edge of the cliff, and they're going to decide to plant their foot on the gas and go over the edge.

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    I was talking about something else- just thought maybe some might be confusing the default as the same thing as the government shutdown which to me is a completely different animal. I just thought some might think I was starting a multiple topic about the shutdown when instead it's about the default which as I said- different animal entirely if you ask me.

    You know- I think I agree with you since the radical Republicans got elected in 2010 and a lot of the followers of the tea-partiers and libertarians tend to be conspiracy theorists, preppers, etc- NOT ALL mind you- just a few that I personally know who do want to see the US economy collapse and default.


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    I also agree that the far-right seems to be hellbent on doing what it can to at least **** the government up, based purely on ideological belief (to the point that, if it wasn't going to screw over a ton of people, I almost want to see them get power and show people how screwed up their plans really are). I think though there will be some deal done for raising the debt limit, because if the shutdown is bad politics, not raising the debt limit is horrible politics (you piss off business, banks, investors, and voters). If/When they do vote on a deal, be curious to see how long it takes for a bulk of the no votes to come in. I get the feeling they'll be some who might wait as long as possible in hopes it is obvious the deal will pass, so they can vote no and tell their constituents, "I didn't want it to pass, don't blame me!"

    It will be interesting if/when a debt limit deal is done and the shutdown is ended, if the far-right group in the house decide to try and kick Boehner out of the speakership. I doubt they would, since it'd be too risky (you need to make sure the caucus didn't fracture) and need to get moderates to join them (I think?), but has something dumb and/or too risky stopped them yet?

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    Letting the US default would be against the interests of the people perpetuating the stalemate, and I can't fathom that they would be stupid enough to not appreciate this.

    I fully admit I may be about to learn new heights of human stupidity.

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    Anyone who thinks it's both sides to blame are completely blind.

    The republicans lost a vote. They are throwing a tantrum like a petulant toddler - and your whole country is suffering because of it. Politicians really like to blur lines and create grey areas where there are none. This issue is so black and white to anyone looking from the outside in - it's actually kind of surreal watching this unfold. I'm surprised you're deeming this worthy of debate? Surely demonstrations, rioting and destroying the private property of every republican politician you can find, would be a much more sensible move?

    We have the tories and they're pretty small, single-minded and greedy people. But my god, republicans really are on another level of ass-hole.

    Healthcare for all? How dare they even suggest something so generous! It's never worked before (*cough* NHS *cough*) and has failed even before it's been implemented. Because we're republicans, and we can do things like time travel and are masters of interplanetary douchebaggery (a notable skill). Marvel at our awesome self-centred mandates and law passing for personal gain! WOOT WOOT
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