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Thread: bedwetting & waking up

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    Default bedwetting & waking up

    It seems that depending on what I drink in the eventing, I wake up during wetting the bed. If I drink water or similar, I wake up because of bladder spams but if I drink chocolate milk, I don't? I would assume chocolate stimulates my already OAB and the results would exactly be the other way around.

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    If it helps any, I believe chocolate contains caffeine which supposedly increases the production of urine.

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    used to happen to me when i was a teen. Depends on your condition, now i drink i dont,wet the bed since i wear good quality diapers/nappies

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    @WBxx: indeed, but then I would expect that I have bladder spams of chocolate milk and sleep through water 'wettings'

    @jsherwood: I do use protection, but wake up if I have spams, short before or during the wetting

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    I knew I liked chocolate for more than one reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBxx View Post
    If it helps any, I believe chocolate contains caffeine which supposedly increases the production of urine.
    Chocolate does not contain caffeine.
    It has the chemical theobromine which acts as a diuretic.

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    The few times it happened to me I remember dreaming about peeing and then waking up while I was peeing. Didn't really matter what I ate or drank before bed.


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    I had that happen when I was a teen as well, and had no history of wetting then, but it still scared me! (I swear you think you are the ONLY one that has ever happened to when it happens!) Had to go into stealth mode to change the bed and stuff the wet sheets in the washer to avoid anyone finding out, something I didn't want to have to explain at 14... now-a-days, no thanks to my back and all it's problems, I wear what is necessary and have no more wet sheets!

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    I dont have a history of bedwetting but its happed like 4 times this year and I think that part of its related to my sleep apnea, even tho I use a cpap machine, and also cuz of my history of wearing diapers, maybe some effect on an unconscoius level such as while zzzzz. Now I just wear every night as a precaution. But I wonder if wearing more makes me more prone to accidents, aka self fullfilling prophecy? Dunno but I know I cant buy a new mattress but I xan afford diapers

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