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    hey there...I've been a dl for a while but until recently have been unable to act on it. it really all started in my early teens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonborn View Post
    hey there...I've been a dl for a while but until recently have been unable to act on it. it really all started in my early teens.
    Is this story to be continued? please?

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    well i started out wearing huggies was it? I really don't remember my mind it like soap. Anyways...I had to go without for a long while since i couldn't buy any without my mom finding out. that and i didn't have the courage to buy any.

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    Well you are here now... and a little older now too. Your name suggests to me you are a gamer? RPG's I am guessing? or a reader of fantasy? What kind of things are you into and up to? What do you do for fun?

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    I am a gamer and I have an keen interest in history. I play all sorts of games really. Shooters,Flightsims and combat flight sims, I really don't have many rpgs wel lI don't know if they would but considered rpgs but i have two games that i think may be rpgs.and I mainly read, and play video games games for fun.

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    hi there Dragonborn. i too am a gamer in fact, my first 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons character was a dragonborn paladin. i would tell his name but people would find out who i am as that character is very specific to me an he is still registered to the Role playing Game Association and it's REAL easy to trace that back to me. i am diaper lover myself and i just came to as my name implies accept this. so we have 2 things in common with each other we are DL's and we play roleplaying games. welcome to ADISC!
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    As to me, I was a bit of an xbox gamer for a few years...All the Halo games, Oblivion, Morrowind... I go in phases. The last year or three has seen me reading stuff like Harry Potter, though in my youth detective mysteries like Agatha Christie and Father Brown were my ting... Fantasy for a spell at university, Tolkien-inspired stuff. Science Fiction was a constant throughout my childhood, and what I used to call "anthropomorphic animal stories" - my favorite, to this day, were the Moomin books by Tove Jansson Moomin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.. I took a children's lit course at university and revisited the Moomins, with some trepidation... wondering if what rocked my socks around grade four would still make me groove. It did. I have met other Moomin fans on this forum too: it's a good place to find people who are sensitive, thoughtful, with strong and active imaginations... but who don't always fit the common mold of mainstream society. We get good at appearing to fit in.

    So by now you should appreciate that being turned on ( amused, inspired, entertained...) by wearing diapers and ageplay and other forms of acting out roles different to our humdrum, workaday lives, is more common than any of us imagined pre-internet. Nowadays, of course, non-mainstream subcultures are everywhere. In my day, growing up, you might come across hippies, bikers, skateboarders, punk rockers and mods, goths, and on the coast, surfers.

    But, speaking of diapers, yes, there is now a number of separate but overlapping communities, online and live. Adisc represents one of them, but I would be remiss not to at least mention that the others exist. You are not alone. We are in a way 1percenters, a biker term that roughly means we are a small but distinct fraction of society who live life on our own terms (albeit in hidden ways.) We are a fraternity, a club, a kind of brethren. And Adisc is here for us. when we need reassurance we are not alone, when we need guidance, comfort, and a friendly nonjudgmental place to hang out. Sounds like a religion, eh?

    No, but seriously we do have people of faith on this site and I applaud them and admire them and rather envy them. I aspire to many of their values at any rate. ( By the way while most of our people of faith are Christian not all of them are so.)

    I guess you might be interested to know that in the ab and dl world is the full range of people per their gender/ sexuality/politics/race/ and every other category.

    So feel free, I encourage you, to give us a bit more to go on, about yourself... the sort of things that will attract notice from the people you would like to know. I assure you they are here... and would like to meet you.

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