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    What diaper would you recommend to someone who is new to diapers, and why?

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    In my country? Tena Slip.

    Because they're plastic-backed (for now :C), which is important for a lot of DLs/ABs, they're easily obtained (either in pharmacies, large supermarkets or via mail order), they're very cost effective, and I /personally/ consider them a diaper on the ground floor of premium diapers. Good enough you'll have a quality product, not so good that you can't advance anywhere. Tena Slip are also nice and thin (until they're wet), perfect for experimenting with wearing out of the home.

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    Expect a lot of answers for this question! lol It's really a personal choice. Do you want baby designs? Do you want maximum absorbency? Crinkle or not? I suggest looking at the diaper reviews if you haven't already. There is a lot of information there that will help you to make your decision. My first choice was a Tena Slip Maxi. I got several other samples and decided I liked the Tenas best. Others swear by the Bambino Teddies for the full AB affect.

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    Just curious is all, I'm currently looking at getting abena M4s because they just look thick.

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    The M4 are definitely a good one. But if good looks/fit, a little bulk bulk, and a great fit, Bambinos are great (my opinion). They have an all white diaper that I have been using for a long time (Great, actually they are my favorite), and they have a baby print if you like that. Prints are cute, just not my style. I always felt that the M4s and a few others reminded to me seem like a medical institution type product, and I have not used them much. With that said, I am just one opinion, and you 'have to try sample everything to see what you like. There is tons of experience in this small little world ( But as sure as I am positive that one choice is best for me, I am also aware that this is an individual preference. Try them all, and I will assure you you, there is one out there that you are going to say hands-down it is the best for you. Be patient, but try them all. I waited a long time to try Bambini Bianco (all white disposable), and I look back and wondered why in the heck I didm't try them sooner. You will find one that you works for you, be persistent, it is worth finding the perfect fit.

    And zipperles is 100% correct, expect a lot of people telling you what is the perfect one for you. It is your choice, take the time to shop around. I enjoy shopping as much as buying, and everything about it.

    Have fun shopping!

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    Yea, first time buying so I thought I would ask, before I've had lucky encounters with wearing but none that I ever liked. Right now I have 150 bucks that I can waste so that's good, I've never ever even considered buying them before because I don't have enough places to hide them, right now I actually have a place cut out in the insulation where I stored stuff before but I quickly repaired it after I realized how toxic that stuff can be. Now I'm sticking to the hollow inside of a wall for smaller things...
    I hate having to hide it from my parents but I know I'll be disowned in a heartbeat, they are very old fashioned.

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    i dont have alot of experience with all the different brands out there, but i have used abena M4 cloth and plastic and S4 cloth for the past two years and i can easily say they are pretty good. they are thick, and they are mildly crinkly but the sound is mild enough that it is hidden in public, the plastic is soft and feels good on my skin, they are so comfy it isnt too hard for me to forget that im wearing when focused enough on other stuff, and when it comes to capacity and absorbancy they hold at least 3 large wettings and i have no concerns when wetting them in any position.

    The only thing that they seem to lack is the amount of squishyness i feel like i want out of a diaper. From what ive read squishyness is directly related to the amount of SAP vs pulp or padding in a diaper, and i hear that tena maxi has the most sap so im thinking about trying them soon.

    Im still in the process of trying different brands out there too though, abena was just my first premium diaper and i fell in love with them but i think that there could be something out there that i might like more. Not trying to scare you off though. Abenas are great, just ask anyone, they should agree. They dont really have any designs or prints but that's not something that concerns me, preferably id like a plain white diaper and although abena's aren't plain white they ARE white and they arent overly decorated to where it bothers me, i actually find their design to be pretty good looking actually.

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    Abena M4 is the perfect place to start. They are the perfect example of what a diaper should be. They do everything just about right. So they will be the diaper you'll compare everything else to later. =^.^=

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayley View Post
    Abena M4 is the perfect place to start. They are the perfect example of what a diaper should be. They do everything just about right. So they will be the diaper you'll compare everything else to later. =^.^=
    ^ Couldn't have said it better myself. I've tried a good share of the diapers available in Europe, and M4s are by far my favs. I even tried out some AB-diapers (namely, Drydayz, which are the same as Cuddlz, and the same as ABUs too, which I noticed comparing them directly) and, considering both performance and fit, Abenas still stand superior. Of course we all have a different body shape so fit is a very subjective thing, but so far Abena M4s are the most "pro" diapers I can think of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bears View Post
    What diaper would you recommend to someone who is new to diapers, and why?
    The majority here will probably suggest various disposables. You may prefer cloth though? (I don't) So narrow it down a bit for us.

    - cloth, clothlike, or plastic?
    - pull-up or tape-on?
    - discrete or thick/obvious?
    - budget or premium?
    - region ordering from (europe or america?)
    - in store pickup or online?
    - avoid "medical looking" diapers?
    - need good leak protection?
    (or "no preference" for each of the above)

    I think with that you will get a much smaller, better defined answer from the crinkly masses here

    Or if you were just posing this as a poll type question, without narrowing it down, you're going to get a pretty large and random assortment of responses.

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