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    I've been a lurker for some time and signed up a few weeks ago with no posts. I run my own small business in the real estate/finance profession and am happily married with children. I have been a DL for almost as long as I can remember (40+ years). I love to ski and am an avid NLF fan as well as love playing the game. I joined this site in hopes of connecting with others and to learn the perspectives of others. My wife is tolerant to a point although the topic rarely comes up anymore. I am Urge incon and wear most of the time out of necessity, so she has learned to accept it. I am mostly looking for an outlet for conversations and such as I don't really have anyone to talk to about these types of thngs. So far I am really impressed with ADISC and the community here. This is the first time I have joined any group like this so bear with me.

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    hello i am kinda new here too and i happen to watch some football every now and then. i am a DL as well although i have only as my name implies accepted this very recently i am 36 now. are there any other interest's or things you do? this might help you bring up more conversation starter's for you that's why i asked as for football what is your favorite team?

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    I am a longtime Seahawk fan from the very beginning, attended a ton of games from the 70's through this year (I was a part of the Guinness record breaking crowd for stadium noise at the 49er game this year). I am also a star wars fan and love the characters from the DC universe. Batman and Robin were a favorite of my older brother and I when we were little. I was always Robin, but didn't mind. I love to collect things (coins, stamps, football cards, toys). My kids typically enjoy my collection more than I. I am also fairly active in a local church.

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    i like DC characters too as well as star wars in fact i have played Role playing games using characters LIKE superman or Batman. and i am also fairly active in my local church as well. i was homeless once and now i help feed them on a volunteer basis.

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