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Thread: And board game or card game players?

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    Default And board game or card game players?

    Settlers, akam horror, bang, flux, cards against humanity.

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    D&D (yeas its also a board game) and Magic the gathering. as for casino games i do very well at the Blackjack Tables, and OK at texas hold'em. all in all on a good night i can walk away Roughly $300 Richer most i ever got was $1200. however my loss limit is $200 if i hit that im done for the month.

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    Yes d&d is a board game and I have a level 2 half orc (original d and d rules) best part he is the only half orc and has the highest cha of the group at max 13. Chaotic evil.

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    as far as Original D&D goes i do half fiend half whatever elf i choose as well as a vampire template thrown on top which effectively at level 1 i should be able to take on most lvl 15 one on one with moderate challenge. im usually the all around tank of most our groups. lol and always Chaotic Evil as they are the IDGAF People of the D&D world they do what they want to hell with anyone else, ah i love that philosophy

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    Original d&d dose not have vamps as playable. In the original. Being attacked by a level 1 ghoul can easily cause a tpk. And xp is determined by money looted not monsters killed.

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    well you know what i mean i state "original" as Not the board game. i started in 3.5 so anything before that IDK and still like 3.5 better than 4 and next.

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