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    So, I've been thinking that I should get some onesies to help hold my diapers up both during the day and at night. The other morning I had on a cloth backed something... (I can't remember if it was a Molicare Super or a Abena M2) but I was going toward the bathroom when it just slipped over my hips and fell to the floor.

    Anyone have any good recommendations for onesies? I did order a white one from baby-pants to test the fit but I'm also looking for onesies that are styled like a polo on top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoakedinTexas View Post
    EBay has lots.
    When I searched on ebay, I only got onesies for babies...those won't fit me... (Though I do wish.)

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    Abena used to produce a good one, but have long since stopped, I remember purchasing these from a US vendor for about $30 a pop a few years back, when they wore out, I ended up going to Save Express out of Germany for something comparable, I ended up paying E19.90 for a similar garment. Even after the currency conversion, and the shipping, I ended up paying less than I was with the US vendor.
    not to mention they do a great job of holding my beer belly back too

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjenkins View Post
    When I searched on ebay, I only got onesies for babies...those won't fit me... (Though I do wish.)
    Go to Ebay and type in "Adult Baby" and all kinds of adult baby items should come up. You might also check out Etsy which caters to craft products. Again, type in "Adult Baby" into their search box.

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    I've got a couple from babykins as well. I highly recommend them

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    Something which works for me is the Cavers One Piece fleece from Inglesport which makes darn good fur for any animal roleplay and a one piece garment which is very warm for littlespace in the winter. And even beter, it has a recognisable civilian use as a warm garment for outdoor pursuits.

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    When you go on to Ebay look up Awwsocute they have some for boys and girls, but when ordering your size I would go with the smallest size if you are a small to average person, I ordered a medium and when I got it, it was way to big for me so I got them to send me a ex small, the smallest they have, and it fits perfect for me, good luck and if you need any more help send me a message k, bye :-)

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    So... I got the onesie that I orderd from baby-pants in the mail today... I think that two of me could fit in the thing... There is also a stain on it so I will be contacting them about that, and seeing if I can swap it for a small or possibly an extra small.... thanks for the suggestions!

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