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Thread: Jenna Marbles Calls Diapers Fun

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    It's pretty early on in the video. For those of you who don't know, Jenna Marbles is an increasingly famous vlogger, who has the 6th highest amount of subscribers on YouTube. Her and PewDiePie have almost reach a level of celebrity from doing YouTube and make a pretty decent chunk of money doing it, which is pretty impressive. She's actually pretty good at what she does.

    I can't stress the important of not reading into this too much, but she does refer to diapers as "fun", so who knows, maybe she's into a little diaper play, or at least definitely knows about it.


    How Guys Take A Shower - YouTube

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    Never heard or seen her before now. Rolling, so funny.

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    "Like a diaper, after the fun?" Yeah that is crazy because it didn't fit at all...everything else she said were parodies of common guy phrases. And that pleased face she made after she said it? It's like whatever "the fun" is, it's good. The only things I can think of is it's a reference to diaper play (maybe she's making fun of guys with diaper fetishes)? Or, maybe she means the "fun" is the enjoyable act of filling a diaper,( with no reference to age, as when a baby fills his diaper) but then it feels gross later. Who knows? Would love to see how she answers this question!

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    Still laughing, I watched it again. I don't think she was making fun of it, anyone, or us, and I think it is really cool that she stuck it! She Rocks!
    BTW CracklinPants , nice stash and setup.

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    She's hilarious.

    "Too hot! It's burning my muscles off!"
    "What should I wash first? My face or m---"
    "Can't forget my shower beer! And my shower whiskey! And cigar!"

    Seriously, though, the diaper thing was probably a joke; I, personally, wouldn't read into it too much. It's not my business, anyway.

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