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Thread: Purge is forever.

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    Default Purge is forever.

    My last purge included a diaper bag I've had for years. Although I never left the house with it, it was really cute and made me feel babyish. It had a soft vinyl cover with narrow pink and white stripes that gave it an overall pink appearance. It had two elastic pockets on each side and one on the ends to carry bottles, nipples and paci's, my baby spoon, rattle and a jar or two of baby food. It had top zipper closure and the word "Baby" imprinted on the side. I doubt if it can be replaced. Unfortunately, babyish is out of style now.

    Have you ever thrown out an AB item that was irreplaceable?

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    Not irreplaceable but I have thrown out close to $100 in cloth diapers and covers when I was finding out what worked for me. They were generally too large for me and didn't work that well. It's the only technically working items I've ever thrown out aside from broken items.

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    I've thrown out entire packs of diapers but only because they were either too small or too big and it rendered them useless. Also one time i had to throw away a brand new pack of bambinos because upon opening them, they were somehow torn through like 4 diapers. I also had to throw away some other bambinos because the tapes were literally useless. I've gone through purges before but only emotionally, ive never physically thrown anything away... more like just ignored it for a long time and kept it hidden away and contemplated throwing it out.. but then I remembered that all that stuff is MONEY, if anything I would just sell it (which i did once for a good amount of money that I used to buy more once i stopped feeling purge-y lol)

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    I totally went through bad purges. The last time was in 2006. I just left a really bad relationship and was starting over and totally thought, that's it, I'm never going to be a weirdo adult baby again. That's behind me! Hahaha. Like that ever works! I threw away everything I had into a garbage bin outside a random restaurant I drove up to. It was like I was dumping a dead body, or something. I had visions that someone in the restaurant would have me on film and look in the bag and I'd be on the news the next day, like, at 11:00, freak adult baby dumps all her freaky stuff off.

    Obviously that didn't happen, and obviously I realized I can't just ditch this part of me forever and 'be normal.' (I did ditch all adult baby stuff and diapers for a very repressive 5 years, though.) And obviously there's really no literal black and white definition of 'normal' so it's sort of an impossible thing to even want. I didn't lose too much in the purge that was really special, thankfully. I didn't have too many great things at that time. Right now, if I suddenly went mad again and pulled that trick, I'd lose really special things! So thanks for the reminder. Purging never really leads to anything good. Just shame and denying yourself and money loss, if not worse by losing irreplaceable items.
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    Last one was almost a decade ago when the daughter brought her family to live with us. My hiding place was reasonably secure under normal circumstances, but with two inquisitive children and the adult daughter who never had any inhibitions about going through other people's stuff, discretion dictated a purge. I didn't lose anything terribly important or irreplaceable, but it was still annoying.

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    One time I purged hard and threw out $30 worth of diapers. They weren't irreplaceable, but they were a brand of diapers (Seni) that I'd bought in Eastern Europe and that weren't available in the U.S.

    Since then I've basically lost interest in wearing diapers, so I don't particularly miss them, but I could have used that $30 to play paintball or something.

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    When moving between college and home, I accidentally threw away a set of diaper pins that had been used by my parents to diaper me and my sister when we were babies. I was seriously bummed for a long time. That was before eBay, though. I have since found and purchased the same make/model of pins. Of course, the originals, in all of their faded, chipped glory, will never truly be replaced.

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