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Thread: Teddy bear retirement.

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    Default Teddy bear retirement.

    Unfortunately, my teddy bear stuffy is getting a little old and worn and must retire.
    I love him. He was my sleeping bear. Everyday for over a year.
    I'll still keep him on top of my dresser.
    But he will no longer be sleeping with me.
    I know some people sleep with more than one plushie, but I'm more of a one-plushie-in-bed kind of guy.
    My new everyday sleeping bear is the middle one.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The names from tallest to shortest are,
    Fluffy, Truffy, Stuffy.
    39inch, 29inch, (probably) 10-13inch
    I know there's many teddy bear threads out there. But why not another one? Besides, it's one of the best parts about the community.
    Anyone else got plushies?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cranky View Post
    but I'm more of a one-plushie-in-bed kind of guy.
    Omg that is super adorable <3 I love it!!

    I have had one plushie I take to bed with me every night since 2nd grade!!! So I can relate =D
    Unfortunately he looks really deformed now, and his face is crooked and stuff hahaha, probably should have retired that one a loooong time ago xD
    I have had other ones over the years, but I will ALWAYS have my original one with me!!

    The teddy's are super cute btw!!! Im so jealous, I want a giant teddy!!

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    >.> I've had Teddy for 6 years now in December...and I need to put him up for retirement but I just can't. I can't bear the thought of not having him sleeping next to me I'm in a weird place in my life when it comes to our relationship. Should I let him go, and put him on my shelf. Or keep him by my side until he dies from fluff starvation.

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    My pooh bear has floppy issues... every now and then he gets a little nip and stuffed up more, then sewn back up

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    I have no plans on ''retiring'' the two plushies I sleep with every night, even if they are kinda worn out. That's a part that makes them special!

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    I started to sleep with a winnie the pooh back in 2007, but I had to sadly dump him on my table for my new mickey mouse. This happened the day I got back home from my first Disney world trip. I had then gotten a bigger mickey a year later, then the giant mickey and minnie after two years.
    But to me, mickey just "moved" to the larger one if that makes any sense. I sleep with both giant mickey and minnie now, I don't ever plan on going without them. Though if one gets too damaged I would consider a replacement "Body"

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    I have a 30+ inch Bedtime Bear, who is just besides me when I sleep.
    Also I got a Stitch plushie I sleep with every night. I even have a diaper on him *giggles*
    Had Bedtime for over 10 years and Stitch for a lil over one.

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    I've had to do the same thing with a few of my extra special plushies. They were cuddled every day and snuggled every night for many years, but unfortunately they did start to wear out. They now live on the bookcase, where they still get a 'hello' every morning and a 'nini' every night.

    They do get an occasional cuddle even now though, it's just too tempting!

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    i have 2 who are almost 26 though they were in storage for years i think i should retire brownie and the other one. of the 2 i am only attached to brownie. But he is my best linj to my infancy. And he might be sad if i retire him...

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    My wife rations the bed bears to a precious few. Some go in rotation, some are regulars. I've had to retire a few as well.

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