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    I have been working in equipment rental for the last year, I loved it to start with, my manager is amazing, however 10 years from now I see myself owning my own used performance car dealership, I am wanting to get into that field to get to know the business before I go all gung-ho and open my doors. I just don't see myself doing the equipment rental for that much longer... Just feel like it is time to change jobs again... I am not planning on quitting this job until I know for certain that I am going to be starting the new job, and at the moment I am not telling my manager about my plans just in case I don't get the new job that way I don't jeopardize what I have now/

    Anyone else felt like this before? I am sure that people have just trying to get some thoughts on the matter :/

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    the thing about the dealership is you have to first buy all the cars. another option you might try is starting a customs shop and get the ball rolling. once you have a decent income from that start buying used cars mod the hell out of them then resell them as a performance car. if thats the option you want i know where you can get a bunch of good high performance mechanics, as well as some good auto body men. granted they will be all new and fresh out of school.

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    and Location, location, location. larger cities usually prove better business settings for any vehical related field, preferably area with multiple cities.

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    I was planning on having more to the business than just selling the cars, an on-site repair shop for the vehicles (decent rates not dealer rates for labor) As well as an on site performance shop, where if you want to upgrade the vehicle, you let us know what you would like done to it, and we could include the price of the upgrades into the total amount for the vehicle. I already have a good idea for where I would like to start building... At the moment I am in need of the funds... however I know this is all going to work out (call it a hell of a gut feeling.) So for the meantime I would like to get work as a car salesperson to get a feel for how the business works.

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    If you're antsy about the next step, rather than looking for a new job, consider starting to lay the groundwork for your dream job of owning your own car shop.

    Do you have a business plan? Have you set minimally acceptable criteria for a location (distance from road, signage visibility, average number of cars passing per day, square footage, etc)? Have you priced equipment? Have you considered payroll? Have you done research to determine if there's actually a market for your business (don't go by "gut feeling," ever)? How are you marketing your business- when I need one of your services, how do you guarantee that your business is the one I find when I do research? How many years will it be before your business begins to turn a profit (5-10 is typical in many businesses)? How much capital do you need to raise to reach this figure? Have you considered different avenues for raising capital? Are these avenues realistic?

    If your current job is paying the bills and not running you dry, make figuring out this dream business into your night job.

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    I have done my research and there is a good market for what i am wanting to do in my area. Most people have to wait for the performance trim they are looking for to pop up at a used car lot or private buyer to sell theirs. My lot would have multiple brands with more than one to choose from. Not to mention there arent many performance shops in town that offer a dyno tune for your car, i would offer that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dixon View Post
    Not to mention there arent many performance shops in town that offer a dyno tune for your car, i would offer that.
    Firstly do you know how much that machine Costs? like its more expensive than a GT500 mustang and maybe then some. unless your going portable then your looking any where from $35,000 to $75,000

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