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Thread: Pokemon X and Y?

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    Default Pokemon X and Y?

    So, I'm just wondering who's excited for the new game and what starter you will get. I pre-ordered X and I think I want Fennekin as my starter.

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    Just got Y paid off. I'll be getting it Saturday morning.

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    It looks pretty cool, and I do plan to get one of them (probably X) sometime, but not right away. I still need to finish Shin Megami Tensei IV, and I just got Etrian Odyssey Untold, so I have plenty of 3DS games to play for now, and since this is Pokemon, I doubt I'll have a hard time finding it in a few months. Still, whenever I see some new bit of information on it, I do feel slightly tempted to go preorder it anyway.

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    Apparently there's less then 100 or maybe even 75 new pokemon. I don't really mind since I never bought Black and White verison's and those added just as much if not more.

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    I liked the story of black and white but not two. If you like exploring its lost alot of fun as its got 4 or 5 routs that are just giant bridges. It actually makes me wish it were 3D

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    I picked up my copy of Y today a hour and a half in.

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