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Thread: Went to doctor - questions about incontinence

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    Default Went to doctor - questions about incontinence

    I posted about leaking and finally going to the doctor. However now I do have some other questions.

    I have noticed that it seems like I am actually leaking more and have more times that I just don't make it to the bathroom. The doctor says that the leaking is probably due to age - I am 65 plus. She has checked by BPH and prostate and all that seems fine. The problem is that the medications that I take for my heart don't really go well with the drugs for incontinence. I am very stable on my meds and she said she is reluctant to go there. I have not problem in wearing protection.

    Yes I have been enjoying playing at wearing diapers for quite awhile but not that I have a problem it seems like things changed. I still do enjoy wearing them and peeing in them but mentally it came as a shock to find out that yes I do have a problem.

    Could the fact that I went to the doctor and do have a problem have caused me mentally to just not even think about peeing? I use to have major problems in being able to pee while sitting at my desk or driving in the car but it seems not that it just happens. Does anyone have any ideas why mentally this could take place so quickly? Does being told that you have an incontinent problem cause a person to just accept and there for not worry about control?

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    I'm not IC so you can take my input with a grain of salt. The brain is a mysterious thing to humans still. There have been studies that show that if somebody "thinks" they are sick, their body will react accordingly. Similarly, it's why placebos sometimes will "cure" something. So yes, making that mental transition could make a difference.

    I mean, think about it, your brain controls your perception of the world. If it were to completely register than there was George Washington standing next to you, he may as well be (to you). My point is just that if you've accepted it, you're probably no longer thinking about it, which in turn makes thing related to it (ie., the bladder sensations) less prevalent in your attention too.

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