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    Default Lurker here...

    I've been lurking around and was now forced to post an intro about myself

    I'm 19 and interested in age play I guess. I enjoy the feeling of being strapped in to a car seat or a stroller (though havent for a while, because I can't find nor afford one atm). I'm not into diapers or pacifiers any of that stuff (just not my thing)... I do have a couple of onesies and a winter snowsuit.

    Aside from AB stuff, I like to be sporty (running etc.)

    I guess that is all.. it's a big step joining this place as I haven't told anyone about this, not even my girlfriend...

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    Yes, the gf is the first step often ,and the most important. You have a bit of an extra burden explaining, as you don't fit the usual stereotype of an ab, especially not the way abdl's are portrayed in the media. On this forum is tons of discussion on famous abdl's (yes we have our own celebrities in the community) and how we are depicted... usually not in glowing terms. On the other hand there was a recent documentary, which while far from wholly fair did a better job than, say, the tabloid talk shows on TV.I bring it up as some of the ab's have full sized furniture, strollers, prams, and all the accessories.part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 You should be your own judge.

    I do have a couple of onesies
    by onesie do you mean one of these?

    I have seen both called called a onesie - it's annoying when one is shopping, and probably confusing to many. I own a full-body sleeper, nothing on the feet. So not footed pj's. They can be footed footless

    Now I prefer to call the last two sleepers and the first one shown a onesie. which are often also called a snap-crotch (Snap-crUtch in Britain I am guessing) onesie to clarify.

    I am guessing yours would have to be a body-suit type, as a snap-ctotch really only is to keep a diaper in place. I own a snap-crotch and a footless full-body sleeper, which is great for camping .
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    I could've propably said a couple things differently now when I read my first post (blaim me for being nervous at the time :P) One of my 'onesies' is a footed and the other one is a footless one.

    Not saying I like pacifiers is because I was bottlefed (as a kid) for longer than usual, so my teeth grew a bit crooked, but that was fixed with braces that are now long gone. As for diapers, I'm not interested in wetting or pooping myself as that would take a lot of explaining in the morning

    As for car seats and strollers, I used to fit them a couple of years ago (like when I was 13) and I enjoyed the feeling of being secure. Now I've outgrown them and I guess I want to get that feeling back but don't know how.

    Thanks for replying and I'll be sure to watch the documentary. I guess you could say that I haven't fully discovered my 'inner baby'. This was a big step from me to come 'public' with this.
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