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Thread: Next Summer Travel Plans

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    Default Next Summer Travel Plans

    So next summer I plan on traveling to utah from oregon and relized that i was gonna take greyhound. but I remeber how awful it was cause when you take the bus across the state there are 2 stops. My thought was wear a diaper for the first couple hours of the trip . I have about 8 months to make up my mind on this and if i decide to do this I will most likely use a bambino bianco because just incase some one does see it. There wont be any ab dl relation to it .

    I relize this diaper is super crinkly but i will not be walking any where i will be stuck in a bus seat for 19 hours :\.

    I will also bring a spare diaper just incase that needs to happen altho there will be 2 stops before i get transfered to a new bus that has a bathroom .

    So whats your guys thoughts on this should i wear a diaper for the first 9 hours of my trip or should I not.


    I have no ic issues i just remeber last time i took this bus i drank water and almost died i had to go so bad LOL.

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    Yes wear the diaper. I always wear diapers on long trips now. I can't hold it for very long on the road and half the time there's no restroom for miles when I do have to go.

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    hmm i figured that would be the awnser :\

    this trip isnt for another 8 months but hey what ever

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    In addition, no one is going to know you on the train, so why not. You might as well be comfortable.

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    my only thought is hopefully my friend im going to visit doesnt smell urine on me when i arrive lol :\ im sure he wont comment

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    I might suggest taking a diaper bag along, I know that is what I did during my most recent road trip. The trick to not smelling urnine, is to get some scented pampers wipes It is all up to you, I wore bambino biancos during my road trip because they have a better odor control than quite a few other brands I have worn.

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    ya i was deff thinking of getting some way to clean my self ill also bring a diaper to change it nessary i will actually probly bring a couple just incase i want them on my way back if i do not want to use the smelly bathroom in the back of the bus LOL

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    Yes you should definitely wear, this is like the ultimate opportunity to enjoy the practicality of diapers. Some none AB/DL people would consider a diaper in this situation. You could bring a diaper bag or you could just pack some in the bottom of your baggage. I wouldnt worry about your smell or your friend caring about the smell, after all u just spent a day on a bus.

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    i think all things should work out rather well items to bring so far 3 diapers some wipes add this to carry on lugage :0

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    Diapers are perfect for long travel!
    I goto Europe once in a while to visit family and tour the place, I wear diapers whenever I need to travel longer than an hour in a car.

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