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Thread: Will ABs and DLs always have a need for plastic-backed disposables?

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    Default Will ABs and DLs always have a need for plastic-backed disposables?

    Many people who wear disposables seem to prefer plastic-backed, bemoaning the relentless shift towards cloth-style. I do too, but only since the availability of plastic-backed supplies has become an issue have I had to think about the prospect of a future without them and why I like plastic so much. Posters to other threads on this topic have often suggested that the preference for a particular kind of nappy depends on what you wore as a child. If that were true, an increasing number of DLs would prefer cloth-backed and plastic would die out anyway. But this theory doesn't work for me, because although I wore terries when I was little, as a DL I have only liked plastic-backed disposables. Why would anyone strongly prefer a kind of nappy they had not grown up with?

    I wear for three reasons;

    1. To use and share with a partner in sex play
    2. As an indulgence for special occasions
    3. For everyday convenience

    I'll deal with 3) first because it's easy - the most effective nappy wins. Cloth-style might be just as good if I could find one that was as reliably leakproof and confidence-inspiring as the best plastic. The 'convenience' usage grew out of being a DL and knowing the pros and cons of padding up. I dont have to wear, but if I do, I need enough confidence in my nappy that it is a help not a hindrance.

    2) requires an element of glamour. If I'm going to dress up and put a nappy on, I don't want something that reminds me of ordinary boring underwear. Although hidden under clothing, it needs to look and feel special, expensive and different. Can there ever be a cloth-backed that has the visual and tactile appeal of thick, crisp, shiny plastic? And of course the glamour aspect applies even more to seeing my princess looking adorable and girly in her nappy.

    1) is where plastic really counts for me. As a DL rather than AB, wearing a nappy is all about the two of us sharing our bodies' needs as an act of physical intimacy. Nappies are just one of many props and toys we can enjoy together when we need to wee or poo. The connotations of being waterproof and 'hygienic' makes a plastic-backed nappy seem much more like a sanitary appliance or medical gadget, therefore more inviting and appropriate to wet and mess in, than one made of nondescript fluffy stuff.

    To sum up, I find plastic-backed nappies confidence-building and inspiring when wearing for convenience or for my own private pleasure, but an essential part of the fetish-wear aspect of DLism. I will be very, very sad when they disappear forever. If you feel the same, can you put a finger on the exact reason(s)?

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    Why is it sad though? Why did the plastic backing make it a favourite for you?

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    i like cloth back and this is why they don't get as hot as plastic back they are not as noisy as plastic back and i know lot of people like the noise but when im out and about i don't.
    Cloth back nappies feel much better to wear as they feel more like baby nappies and when wet they sag like pampers do and i kind of like a saggy nappy as i can do the diaper dance.
    Don't get me wrong i like plastic back as well as i wear cuddlz so i like both may be its all about what you use to wear as a baby ?

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    here we go again... another Plastic adios thread...

    personally I prefer the cloth backed stuff, so I don't care if the plastic goes on eternal holiday.

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    I have forced myself to get used to cloth backed diapers for this reason,I used to hate them but after this particularly humid summer and a really bad diaper rash I have converted and in the process found alot of very good diapers I did not even know existed!

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    personally I prefer the cloth backed stuff
    Fair enough, but also... why? Do you think they are better for the purpose?

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    Plastic-backing is more appealing to me in a fetishistic sense: the exciting, undeniable crinkle, the smooth texture. I wore pampers a few times in my youth but now I'm an adult, I find I vastly prefer the idea of plastic diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squeezy View Post
    Fair enough, but also... why? Do you think they are better for the purpose?
    Simply for those reasons:

    - Less sticky
    - less hot/sweaty
    - less chafing
    - less crinkle (I HATE crinkly things).
    - feels more "underwear" like instead of having a piece of plastic between my legs.
    - more comfortable in general
    - works just as well for it's intended purpose.

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    Cool, so you are looking for maximum performance and comfort and you find you can get those from cloth-backed. Pascal is with me on the plastic = best fetish-wear side of things, anyone prefer plastic for performance reasons?

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