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Thread: 'Compulsive Masterbating' & Masterbating at work. (18+)

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    Default 'Compulsive Masterbating' & Masterbating at work. (18+)

    Since I started my new job in August, I have had very strong urges to masterbate at work. I am not sure what is bringing this on, maybe it is the monotonous boredom of my job or the extremely low work load.

    I have masterbated sparingly at work in previous jobs. My last job was a shift supervisor at a supermarket so the fast paced environment left me little time to engage in this behaviour, but when times got very stressful I shut myself in the mens toilet and pleasured myself.

    My current job involves groundswork and maintenance at a residential site, so I am actually working on my own 90% of the time. My work load is pretty low and I tend to have a lot of time on my hands, so although not stressful, it can get boring.

    But I find myself masterbating to naked women on my phone 3-4 times a day. Sometimes more. Thats like.. once every two hours or so. I do enjoy doing this, and I achieve fantastic orgasms knowing that I am doing something I should not really be doing.

    However I often think to myself, am I engaging in self-destructive behaviour? It has started to become an addiction, and I struggle to get through the day without masterbating. It has gotten to the point where I prefer masturbating over sexual intercourse and I feel the need to stop, albeit gradually.

    Has anyone else had similar problems/experiences and can give advice?

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    I've done the ol' "work jerk" a few times, but sparingly. Only when I am really bored on a slow day and I see a lot of hot guys. Interestingly, wearing a diaper makes that not-practical at all.

    My advice- get the poison out before you go to work. Avoid looking at naked pics when you're bored. Find a way to get the same thrill without the risk. And, if you have a partner, don't neglect them. There's nothing wrong with masturbating, just don't let it consume you.

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    I'll admit to having done the "work jerk" myself a few times. again, usually only on a really slow day.
    with plenty of cute cashier girls at my last two temp jobs, I had no problem finding something to fap to!

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    I've never jerked at work, but i have done so in a private-public area a few times in the past. Everyone's libido is different but i think your behavior is verging on self-destructive or for a better term, your lacking self control. I'm pretty sure I've never enjoyed intercourse over masturbation, to the point where intercourse is something i hardly desire and like always is hard for me to do(meaning i cant stay erect during sex), but i have absolutely no problem masturbating almost anytime. For me i go in cycles, sometimes i do it multiple times a day, and sometimes i go days without doing it, as well as everywhere in between, diapers and girls wetting themselves(diapered or not) are my only turn ons, but i do get random ass unexplainable erections all the time.

    You just need to have more self control, if im at work and i get a boner i just push it back down and continue on working and before long I'm thinking about work 100% again and its gone. A little self control can go a very long way, and alot of self control can make you invincible, remember that and work on it. Buddhist Monk Sets Himself on Fire - YouTube this is what i mean by invincible this man set himself on fire and with nothing but the power of his mind and alot of self control he was able to stand upright, walk(albeit briskly) and not run panicking through the streets like a man on fire.

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    I've never done that...but I can see where you're coming from (please excuse my punnery).

    Anyway, my experience with compulsive Masturbation is either a. before I have a bath, or b. after I've used my nappy (which only happens when I'm alone). Whenever this happens, I get overcome with a sense of regret (hence the reason why I don't wear as much). It seems to coincide with my depressive episodes, but I think that might be an illusion put onto me via anxiety.

    I'm not actually much help in this: the one person who can give you good advice is a doctor, but only go to them if you completely 100% trust him/her.

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    It sounds like you're doing it out of boredom. There's nothing really wrong with it unless it interferes with your life. It sounds like it could be starting to interfere with your life because you are now preferring masturbation over being with your SO, correct? That's the only issue I really see with it - well, that and maybe that you're starting to get upset about it. Never good to feel bad about yourself!

    What about if you found another way to occupy your time? Something more productive that won't make you feel bad? What about bringing books to work so you can read? Magazines? Crossword puzzles? Sodoku? Word finds? Podcasts to listen to on your cell phone or MP3 player? Keep your mind occupied in some way. That should alleviate the boredom and give you something to keep your mind sharp and informed!

    If you think looking at so much porno is maybe hurting your relationship with your SO or hurting your ability to have real life sex, that's... that's kind of a possibility. At least, there's been research done and theories done on this. Here's a link from a website that is part of the NoFap movement, where (usually men) abstain from porn and/or masturbation in order to break out of bad cycles. Pornography - NoFap The rest of the site might be of interest. Maybe not. To me, it sounds possibly controversial. I think masturbation is very natural, but I can see where they are coming from with pornography messing with people's heads and making real life sex seem totally boring/dull by comparison. There might be things to help you on that site, or discussions in the subreddit dedicated to the idea: NoFap: Partake in the ultimate challenge

    Hope that helps. I just think you should find a balance, honestly, and bring something else to entertain you at work.

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    One can also be diagnosed as a chronic masturbater, that being a psychological condition. One might want to seek some sort of psychological help should it be getting out of hand. (Again, no pun intended....sigh) The fact that you are doing it every 3 hours (approx) and viewing porn on your phone, is somewhat of a red flag.

    I think you need to give this some thought, and find ways to engage in something else. I like the idea of bringing something to read, or something else to do. Bring a laptop and play some computer games.

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    Lol, how did I miss this thread?

    Since I started my new job in August, I have had very strong urges to masturbate at work
    Well, that's one way to mark your territory.

    Okay but seriously, I have masturbated almost nonstop everyday for about 10 years (I am clean and private about it, don't judge me) and for some reason, I find myself not wanting to as much these days (my sex drive is lowering?).

    I think it's just a matter of age and time in your case. As you get older you'll find yourself wanting to do it less often, but try and not do it at work, m'kay.

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    Wow I am surprised how many people do the 'work jerk', I feel a little less guilty about it now. I mean, I suppose I have hardly any chance of getting caught if I am locked in an enclosed toilet. However today I have promised myself that I will have just one fap today at lunchtime. If I can limit it to one fap a day, then I know I have some degree of self control.

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    You'll get caught if you keep it up at work. It's not just the sounds remember, but the smell too.

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